Top 10 best free domain name providers

If you are looking for a domain name, then we recommend getting one free with the web host or website building provider. Once you choose a domain name you will require a hosting so the best thing is to get your domain from the best. Here we are compiling a list of top 10 best free domain name providers.

What is meant by domain name?

A domain is used to identify a particular IP address of the website. IP addresses are hard to remember so domain name is used to access the website address. There is also a server called Domain Name Server. It replicates the particular domain name assigned to the specified IP addresses and retrieves the website.

Why we are looking for free domain name?

Free domain name is the great source for making the website live without even paying the cost. You always need a domain to make your website live and for that reason, you can use a free domain as a start. When using a free domain name on free hosting they are always helpful to remember the URL and also easy to work with.

Always remember to get detailed information from the provider as to what services they can provide and what the pros and cons of the free domain. Here is the list of top 10 best free domain name providers to ease out the decision-making process for you.

top 10 best free domain name providers


This website provides a free domain registration service with a very short and an easy to remember extension. The users are able to get free domains like that can easily be used for any of the free website, blog, forums or any other web pages. This service works in the form of URL redirection so that they can support meta tags, URL Masking, path forwarding etc. However, they do not support any DNS changes and thus they are recommended mainly for the beginners. The company has been providing domain name free services since the year 2003, so you can rest assured that they provide a good service and also it seems they do not add any forced ads to the free web domains that they offer. This is one of the best free domain name providers.


This is a free web hosting provider that enables to register a free domain name with extension and to host it at servers at absolutely no cost. They also provide a full-featured free domain hosting service that includes both the features of advanced users such as PHP hosting MySQL, CGI, FTP and support as well as free website builder tools like an easily installed WordPress blog and Joomla website. The company has been in the business since the year 2008 and they offer a totally eco-friendly green hosting service that will also be helpful to save the ecology of our planet.

3. lets the internet users register fee domains with extension for personnel that is non-commercial use. They also sell domains to business in bulk at very low prices. In addition to the free website domain registration also provides the mapping of domains to the blogger, window live, Google apps and Amazon associates. It does support the DNS changes and thus CNAME, A, MX, NS and TXT records. A well kown name as best free domain name providers.

4. .tk is a Tokelau based company that offers a free second-level domain with.TK extension, so that free domain site looks like and this is the shortest free domain option that is available on the web. The company enables to register free domains and either redirect them to a website or they enable the users to use one’s own name servers which means the DNS changes are allowed. If you like you can also pay for the .tk domain and thus you are able to have the legal registration rights. They have been providing domains since the year 2001, however, it is reported that there servers and service is a bit slow at times. We included it on 4th position in our list of top 10 best free domain name providers.

5. is a free domain host that provides a very short free domain with business meaning extension. The company offers a third level free domains such as that are registered and hosted at their servers at absolutely no additional cost. Apart from the free domains they also provide free hosting services. They have been providing free domain since 2002, their service is simple and is recommended for beginners.

6. Namecheap

This is probably the best-known service provider for the domain registration services, they also offer free DNS hosting that features DynamicDNS.

7. 1984 Hosting

This is one of those free domain name providers that you must give a shot for sure. You just need to register a user on their homepage. Their FreeDNS service offers total control over each and every domain that you register with them.

8. Dynu

This is also a free DNS service provider that had been operating since 1997. They offer a forever free plan that provides you to have 4 domains, 4 sub-domains, 4 MX records and 4 custom DNS records, 4 web redirects as well as offline settings.

9. ClouDns

This website offers free domain name and DNS hosting plan. When you register with them you get free ClouDNS account, you are able to add three domains along with 4 DNS servers, 3 DNS zones, 3 Mail forwards, Dynamic DNS and much more. They offer an easy to use interface that is perfect for beginners. If you do face a problem you can always get in touch with their support team through an online ticket system.

10. Geoscaling

This website is very popular for handling up to 1 million monthly DNS requests. Apart from providing a free domain name, it also offers a bunch of unique feature in its managed DNS services. They have a low TTL, that means that the updated records are made live on the internet in less than 5 minutes. You can also avail their assured redundancy and scalability benefits if you happen to reside in France, Romania, and Texas. Geoscaling is at number 10 in the list of top 10 best free domain name providers.

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