Top 10 cheapest dedicated hosting providers

Are you looking for Cheapest dedicated hosting providers? You are on the right page to get answered but first, let me briefly describe what is dedicated hosting? Dedicated hosting services is one in which a user lease an entire service. This gives high performance better uptime, security and exclusive bandwidth as it is not shared with anyone else. So one can build an online presence, store company documents, and secret things and optimize business processes as well.

Getting best-dedicated hosting is a bit problem but don’t worry in my article I am going cover top 10 cheapest dedicated hosting providers. Read my article and select the best-suited one for you.

Top 10 cheapest dedicated hosting providers

10. InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting - Cheapest deicated hosting providers

In our list of top 10 cheapest dedicated hosting providers 2018, InMotion hosting lies at the top. It is the best because it offers low rated high-quality services to different businesses especially small and medium organizations and businesses.

InMotion hosting provides best services as their basic plan can cover up to  SSD of 500GB or HDD of 1TeraByte  7.2, 15 dedicated IP addresses, monthly transfers 6TerabByte, along with unlimited bandwidth.

InMotion hosting providers good packages and allows to select a suitable pay duration out of a wide range, with a price ranging from $99.99 to $229.99.

9. HostGator

HostGator - Cheapest Dedicated hosting providers

If you are a WordPress user HostGator is the best option for you. HostGator hosting provider are famous for providing services that are simpler and powerful for both a private individual and large enterprises.

HostGator dedicated hosting provider allow you to set services according to your choice, provide best customer services for 24 hours and more importantly they are available to solve technical problems in your website even you have the full control.

Their packages are cheap and provide high-quality services, even look at the basic plan it provides 10TeraBytes bandwidth, up to 500GegaBytes storage capacity, 4GB RAM, and 2 IP addresses. The subscription price of HostGator’s range from 79$ to 109 $ per month.

8. GoDaddy Hosting

Cheapest dedicated hosting providers

Among the top 10 cheapest Dedicated hosting providers, GoDaddy is well-trusted provider around the world it has a good number of regular customers. They provide best services for Linux and Windows.

When you decide to buy GoDaddy hosting you will have a wide range of packages to select the suitable one for you. they provide best services as their basic package can handle storage of 1 Terabyte, 3 dedicated IP addresses, 4GegaByte RAM  and gives you unlimited bandwidth. Their prices range from 69.99$ to 169.99$ per month.

7. BlueHost

Cheapest dedicated hosting providers

Bluehost, a cloud-based platform, that provides easy to use and low priced services is best known for providing different dedicated hosting services. They have the best packages and high-quality services.

Bluehost is included in the top 10 cheapest dedicated hosting providers in 2018 because it provides high-performance services, immediate activation and more importantly, they allow you to upgrade storage.

Their packages are best as their basic package can handle 500GegaByte storage, 5 Terabyte bandwidth, 3 IP addresses, and 4 Gigabytes RAM.

6. iPage

IPage - Cheapest dedicated hoting providers

if you want to build a personal website or you have businesses or nonprofit organizations then iPage is the best choice for you. They offer different dedicated hosting services to meet your requirements.

iPage is enlisted in top 10 cheapest dedicated hosting providers in 2018 because along with low prices it also offers these services:

  • 1 year’s Free domain registration
  • Allow you to customize your website with easy to use control panel
  • Management assistance in building a website

Most users find, even their standard plan, best for them because it has storage of 500 Gigabytes, 4 Gigabytes RAM and supports 5 Terabytes Bandwidth and 3 IP addresses. Their price range from $119.99 to $191.99 per month.

5. HostFav

Cheapest dedicated hosting providers

HostFav provides very cost effective secured and scalable dedicated hosting services. It is a well-trusted platform around the world. They offer their services even when there is network failure and keep your website available. They assist you technically when you decide to migrate from other hosting provider and give the best customer services for 24 hours.

They offer a low priced package with high performances and promotions. Their cheapest package 2 x Intel Xeon E5530 Quad Core provide 10 Terabyte bandwidth and 15 Gigabyte RAM. Their prices range from 59.99$ to 99.99$ per month.

4. DreamHost

Cheapest dedicated hosting providers

DreamHost dedicated hosting provider, because of easy installation and free setup is preferred by many users of WordPress. Their dedicated hosting services come up with powerful features that can be configured according to your need and desire. Among top 10 cheapest dedicated hosting providers in 2018 DreamHost hosting provider is best known to provide following services:

  • Best services that are fully protected
  • High performance with unlimited bandwidth
  • Customizable control panel.

DreamHost provides cheap packages. Their price ranges from 169$ to 249$ per month.

3. InterServer

InterService - Cheapest dedicated hosting providers

Are you looking for powerful functionalities for a low price? Then definitely you are looking for InterServer. They are well known for providing best services and performances, especially for WordPress websites.

They provide 100% uptime and support various operating systems including Linux and windows. InterServer hosting providers provide customization services and customer help services 24/7.

InterServer dedicated hosting provider offer packages that are cheap and provide 250GB of storage and 5 IP addresses along with unlimited bandwidth. Their price ranges from 50$ to 340$ per month according to the package you select.

2. Namecheap

Cheapest dedicated hosting providers

Namecheap is included in our list of top 10 cheapest dedicated hosting providers 2018 because of their best services and relatively low price. Namecheap services are available for those who have their website as well as who want to start a new one. It offers services of Single CPU, Multiple Core Servers as well as Multiple CPU, Multiple Core.

They are best in providing high-performance hardware, multiservice management option, and dedicated services at a low price which starts from 58.88$ to 149$ according to services and package that you select for you.

1. 1&1

1&1 - Cheapest dedicated hosting providers

1&1  are well known dedicated hosting providers in North America and Europe. They fulfill the requirement of business organizations with their high performance and quality services. They offer a range of packages that provide storage capacity of 500 Gigabyte, 100Mbit/s bandwidth, and 2GB RAM.

They are best in providing online easily accessible storage, secured features and external domain integration for a very low price hence they are included in a research-based list of top 10 cheapest dedicated hosting providers. Their prices range from $39.99 to $349.99 per month.

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