Top 10 Cheapest Auto Insurance Companies in USA

top 10 auto insurance companies in the USA

Insurance is the way of life in the United States. Especially, when you purchase a car, its insurance is a prerequisite in all states with the exception of few. Over 128 car insurance companies are operating around 2700 cities which compete for providing the best packages to their insurers. It is to be noted beforehand that no company is ever willing to overpay the claim yet they provide charming policies and packages. We have compiled a list of top 10 cheapest auto insurance companies in USA in 2019 to help you secure your assets. As you know the mind in peace is the ultimate desire of anyone getting insurance and we are preaching affordability along. So it is suggested to choose the cooperative company with the good working track record so that you stay in safe hands after any misfortune.

Top 10 Cheapest Auto Insurance Companies in USA

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10- Liberty Mutual

Over the decades, this company has worked for increasing automobile safety and security of drivers. They set up a research institute which develops safer cars with modern headrests and designs perfect in ergonomics. This provides incentives to drivers with near zero error in driving via discounts and deductions. Their safe driver discount program was much appreciative which makes their services better than any other counterparts in the market.

09- Farmers

If you do not familiar with Farmers, your car is not made for insurance. It provides a wide range of discount offers through which customers can save thousands of dollars annually in the wake of auto and home insurance. This is famous for its friendly working environment and cooperative policies. For auto and real estate, Farmers is a name in its own known for its services and renowned in the list of top 10 cheapest auto insurance companies in USA. Due to its large variety of offers, if you are looking for combined discounts, you cannot get another one best. It is not necessary, insurance companies are cheaper which offer financial discounts and cheap insurance which refers to more friendly services against less money.

08- AAA

This insurance company is the driver as well as vehicle friendly. Whatever the odds may be, it earns the reputation for services at your place with your car. Its roadside assistance is its biggest achievement all across the United States and its ticket to top 10 insurance companies list. It provides travel assistance, roadmaps and hotel guide as the complement to their customers. People who travel a lot in the car are more interested in AAA than any other on the list. Broadly speaking, this is not an insurance company per say rather a non-profit organization ready to facilitate.

07- American Family Auto Insurance

If you are discreet in your choices, you must not ignore regional or small insurance providers. The insurance giants though get attraction but small groups only have reputation what they have to earn. This particular company is relatively small with the presence in 19 states but it gets the high score in reviews and policy feedback. If you prefer one to one contact every time, this would be the viable option because of the small family. This is much cheaper when it comes to payments but it brings services, comfort and ease which returns the favour subsequently.

06- Esurance

Among its competitors, Esurance, one of the top 10 cheapest auto insurance companies in USA, provides the friendly environment for the customers without any third party and even agents. It provides discounts and friendly policies based on gender and sexual orientation difference. Being specific in its policies, it is unique in its insurance operations. If you fall under a specific orientation from LGBT or male/female community, you would get discounts accordingly which makes this cheaper for certain community if not for all. As it deals without third party or agents, some of the outsourced representatives are accused of not standing with quotes and foul play.

05- State Farm

This company offers eye blazing claim satisfaction but render relatively fewer discounts. Yet it is in the top 10 cheapest auto insurance companies in USA because it offers satisfied claim processing and in time reimbursement. It offers a variety of discounts for multiple policy options. In order to minimise damage, its safety characteristics i.e. anti-lock brakes and airbags are remarkable. Furthermore, it is cheaper for its coverage the feature of rideshare. Companies like Uber and Lyft are like a revolution in an automobile industry so does in auto insurance. Traditionally, rideshare customers are accustomed to filing commercial policy but it gives you the wider range of options to avail.

04- AllState

Allstate provides wide policy options and cheapest packages for new filers. It provides online support to customers and aspirants. Though it does not earn the reputation of giving more discounts, it gains popularity to benefit full-time student drivers through discounts with good grades. A student must be studying in the radius of 100 miles where he parks his car and complete Teen Smart Driver program initiated by the company. This is the cheapest for a certain age group i.e. below 25. On the other end, its representatives are not much cooperative and sell expensive quotes.

03- Progressive

Progressive insurance company earns the reputation for being risk-free because, in the real sense, it provides peace of mind. It is only deduction providing company in the list. Irrespective of the insurance traditions, it provides usage-based insurance policies which ultimately benefits and pays back. It determines the riskier you are, the more premium you are. If you are not the regular driver with zero risk profile, then better change your mind but if you are rough with your car, it would save you money through a deal called Snapshot. It uses a device to track your car and study driving behaviour like how rough you accelerate and quickly you brake. Apart from this premium offer, it does not cover rideshare, replacement and accident forgiveness packages.

02- Geico

This insurance company earns its reputation in the market for offering a large variety of discounts. Unlike its competitors, its policies are vehicle friendly. If car insured with Geico is equipped with right gadgets like anti-lock brakes, daytime lights on, airbags for driver side and full front, you can book discount against every gadget placed in your car. Moreover, it earns its destiny for having the highest claim satisfaction score. This company registers a lot of customers thus they could charge low.

01- Travellers

When you look for the top 10 cheapest auto insurance companies in USA and you ignoreTravellers, you are missing something very important. This is incredibly cheapest for the higher number of discounts, driver friendly because of deduction i.e. electronic funds transfer to the company would save you 3% and offer a great deal of supplemental coverage. The supplemental coverage includes accident forgiveness considering the cost of the struck car and standing loans. As it provides a lot of discounts to a large number of customers, it might be time-consuming to file a claim and get reimbursements.

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