Top 10 best electric bikes in the world

Electric bicycles, also known as e-bike, power bike or booster bike, is integrated with an electric motor which works like an engine. There are different types of electric bicycles available in the market but in this article, we will discuss the top 10 best electric bikes in the world.

Top 10 best electric bikes


Top 10 best electric bikes

Opens our rating model, which has a fairly modern look and is equipped with an electric drive. Such a bike can be used for long walks, both in urban conditions and on rough terrain. In the design of the shock absorber Hongxu, which absorbs all kinds of vibration in itself, makes the bike insensitive to hummocks and pits. The shifting of speeds is ensured by the convenient and reliable automatic transmission Shimano Tourney. The frame is made of an ultralight aluminum alloy, due to which it is possible to reduce the weight and at the same time maintain the strength of the bike.

Disc brake mechanical type, you can stop almost instantly. The motor power is 350 W, which allows you to drive on one battery charge of about 50 km without using pedals. If the motor is also assisted with pedals, the power reserve can almost triple. The battery allows using this model in the temperature range from -10 to +50 degrees. This amazing bicycle is at No. 10 in our list of top 10 best electric bikes in the world .


• Quite an economical design, spending a minimum of electricity to recharge;
• You can use different combinations of modes of movement;
• Lightweight frame made of aluminum alloy;
• Small overall dimensions;
• High degree of mobility of the structure.

9. BESV Jaguar JS1

Top 10 best electric bikes

This superbike from Jaguar is ranked at No. 9 in the list of top 10 best electric bikes. This model is perfect for long enough travel – not only for urban conditions but also for moving on rough terrain, along dirt roads such as paths in the park or country roads. The unit has an enhanced proprietary power drive of the algorithm model. This is the original development of the manufacturer. It will independently calculate the necessary power for displacement, so you can largely extend the charging of the battery.

The engine has a Smart mode, which is able to set the required power level for a comfortable ride. The design of the frame is quite interesting, it is made of lightweight aluminum, due to which it is possible to achieve high strength.
On the front, there is a fairly bright headlight, which is integrated into a single unit with the user interface – this gives the product additional originality. The motor is equipped with a reducer, so that the efficiency of the design can reach up to 85%. This is a fairly high figure for electric motors. Without recharging, you can drive up to 80 km.


• The model is equipped with a built-in Bluetooth module, which allows you to track the duration of travel on your smartphone;
• Reinforced amortization fork, absorbing even large bumps;
• The highest speed of the model is 40 km / h.

8. Daymak EC1 Special Edition

Daymak EC1 Special Edition - best electric bikes

Produced by Daymak, using the latest technology, successfully made its position in the list of top 10 best electric bikes in the world 22018. The main difference from other models presented in the rating of the best electric bikes is the availability of the wireless charging function, besides, a convenient display integrated into the steering wheel allows monitoring the degree of protection of the battery. The frame is also quite original – it is made of strong carbon fiber, which is a material weighing even less than aluminum.

This one of the best electric bikes can be recharged both with a wireless charger and with special solar panels. The spring-type shock absorber is a good match for any roughness of the road surface, which makes this bicycle well suited for rough terrain and urban conditions. Protectors are reinforced, have a well-defined pattern, due to which it is possible to provide excellent adhesion to the road surface. The electric motor is switched on by means of a handle on the handlebars, the bicycle has 21 speeds, which also switch on the handlebars, the chain is reliable, does not fly off.


• High charging speed;
• Continuous autonomous use;
• Convenient display, displaying speed and level of charge;
• Less weight compared to other models in our review.

7. OHM Urban XU700 16

OHM Urban XU700 16 - Top 10 best electric bikes

This model has a fairly powerful electric motor, which allows you to develop designs of decent speed. The gearshift box works reliably and is almost noiseless. The battery can be removed if necessary. The steering wheel also has a liquid crystal display with protection against glare, it will display all the information necessary for the traveler. The electric motor itself is built into the rear wheel, its power is 500 W, peak power can reach about 1 kilowatt.

Wheels have an increased diameter, although it is smaller in width compared to other models. In addition to a removable battery, the display is also removable, so you can not worry about the fact that these parts are stolen. On sale, it is found in four sizes, so it is suitable for a person of any height. The brake system is hydraulic, it works even from a slight depression. The weight of the device is 23 kg together with the battery.


• Convenient transmission, capable of working even in automatic mode;
• Suspension amortized;
• You can choose a bicycle for a person of any height.

6. Focus Aventura Impulse Speed 1.0

Focus Aventura Impulse Speed 1.0 - best electric bikes

This design has an increased wheel diameter – 28 inches versus the standard 26, thus providing one of the highest torque. The engine’s power is 350 W, which allows the model to reach speeds of up to 40 km / h, in addition, it is presented in five different sizes – you can pick up the bike by the increase. By and large, this unit can be attributed to the premium class. The battery with a mass of only 3 kg has a significant capacity – 17 Ah.

The operation of the automatic system is such that when the battery is discharged, especially at night, the engine will automatically shut down to ensure the uninterrupted operation of the headlights. The steering wheel has a liquid crystal panel with anti-reflective coating, it has all the information necessary for the user. The motor runs very quietly, instead of the chain, a belt drive is used, and the engine and belt are hidden under the plastic upholstery.


• Low battery weight, making the design easier;
• Automatic tripping of the motor when the battery is low.

5. Freway VR-01

Freway VR-01 - best electric bikes

This model is equipped with one of the weakest motors in our entire review – it is only 240 watts. The case is made on the basis of an aluminum alloy, and one of the best electric bikes itself is quite light, weighing only 22 kg. One full charge of the battery is enough to travel about 45-50 km. Manage it is very convenient even for the person who first sat behind the wheel of such a device. To start the engine just press the button located on the handlebar, a special brake is provided for turning off. On the side of the rudder is a small-sized liquid crystal display containing information on the level of battery charging.

The very design of the bike is quite compact, it will be suitable for a person of any mass and growth. Almost all structural elements are made of high-strength aluminum alloy. The diameter of the wheels is 26 inches. The bicycle has a signal bell and a headlamp providing the comfort of movement in the dark, besides, behind it are located light reflectors, which increases the safety of traffic along the roadway. This super bicycle is at No. 5 in the list of top 10 best electric bikes in the world.


• Removable front wheel, which greatly simplifies the storage and transportation of the bike;
• A sufficiently bright headlamp with a wide viewing angle and good range;
• Disc hydraulic brakes;
• All the electricians are inside the frame tubes, which improves the appearance of the device.

4. Haibike XDURO Trekking RX

Haibike XDURO Trekking RX

This is a two-suspension model, perfectly suited for difficult terrain. The front and rear suspension elements provide a smooth stroke of 120 mm in length, thereby absorbing even serious unevenness of the coating. The components of the cushioning system are of very high quality. The diameter of the wheels is increased, the same can be said about their width. Due to these moments, it is possible to achieve better coupling with the road.

The electric motor is located in the central part of the structure, which is very convenient for double suspension. Its mass will not be mowing the center of gravity towards one of the wheels. In an even space, the bike quickly speeds up to 32 km / h, it is equipped with a 350 W motor, its lower part is additionally protected from damage and moisture by using a special plastic casing. The speed at the bicycle 10, the battery of lithium-ion type, has a negligible mass. According to the qualities declared by the manufacturer, on one charge it is possible to pass from 50 to 100 with superfluous kilometers. The battery has a liquid crystal display on the steering wheel.


• Convenient display;
• Increased in diameter and width of the wheel;
• The electric motor is equipped with push-button control, which is located on the handlebars;
• Beautiful headlight design.

3. IZIP E3 Path

IZIP E3 Path

One of the best electric bikes designed exclusively for moving on asphalt roads, but it can also be operated on a dry dirt road. The model has a comfortable fit. The frame is made of aluminum, which provides a small weight of the structure. Landing is very convenient in many respects due to a comfortable seat and optimized tires.

The battery has an original streamline shape, which increases the aerodynamic characteristics of the entire structure, it’s lithium-ion, weighs not too much. The design provides a convenient trunk, firmly fixed to the frame. The brake system is hydraulic, it works even from a light touch, with its help you can quickly and without skidding stop. One battery charge can travel up to 80 km with a top speed of 32 km / h.


• The battery and display are removable;
• The frame is light;
• It is suitable for a person of any height.

2. Leisger MD5

Leisger MD5

This model is perfect among the best electric bikes for moving in mountainous terrain due to the increased wheels, which have a significant width. The model looks sporty, it has excellent maneuverability and dynamic movement. The battery is designed for 11 Ah, the power of the electric motor is 350 Watts. The frame is made of aluminum, additionally reinforced with stiffening ribs. The steering wheel has a convenient LCD display.

The wheels are off-road, the diameter of which is 27.5 inches. The seat is ergonomic, has a sporty shape, it can easily spend a lot of time on it. There are seven speeds, one full charge of the battery can travel about 70 km. Leisger MD5 is 2nd among the top 10 best electric bikes in the world 2018.


• Enlarged wheels with good protectors;
• Versatility in terms of displacement;
• Hydraulic braking system.

1. Haibike XDURO FS RX 27.5

Haibike XDURO FS RX 27.5

Not too new model – it was released in 2015, but until today remains a recognized leader among the best electric bikes, according to users. First of all, the model has an increased diameter of the wheels, which will easily absorb even serious irregularities. The bike has a full suspension – shock absorbers are located on both the front and rear wheels, and they are equipped with a large stroke.

All the wires are hidden inside the tubes of the frame, which will give the model even greater appeal. The bike is perfect for driving on rough terrain or on city roads. The weight of the structure is only 21 kg – this provides excellent maneuverability.  Haibike Xduro is at No. 1 in the list of top 10 best electric bikes in the world.


• Reliable assembly;
• Disc brakes of hydraulic type;
• A qualitative chain tensioner is installed.

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