Top 10 most populous makeup brands of 2019

The year 2019 was an era of web-blogging and PR packages. It has been approximated to be the year of most shopped makeup items. What makes being a woman much more expensive than being a man is tons of makeup. Every year billions are spent by women for makeup items to style up their face with. Buying makeup is itself an art and females are born Picassos of it. Now that men have also stepped into the makeup world, the demand for high-quality products has escalated well. Here we have a list of top ten most populous makeup brands of 2019 which have set the bar higher than ever before.

Most populous makeup brands

10.Urban Decay

Top 10 most populous makeup brands of 2018

Urban Decay is one posh commercial mankeup brand based in California, United States. Founded by Tim Warner, the company is one of the top makeup sellers internationally. In 2013 L’Oréal announced its interest in buying the said brand. The company paid an estimated amount of $350 million to get its hands on Urban Decay. Since then the product has received a lot of acclamation around the globe.

Urban Decay strives prominent among flatterers for the product quality. They are mostly known for their Naked collection, which includes eight different eye palettes. These pallets are widely known for providing with a perfect pigmented eye look for any occasion you may want. They hold acknowledgment of a large number of dupes being made with their names but the originals are still the hype of the town.

 9. Revlon

Revlon - Top 10 most famous makeup brands of 2018

As their website description says, they truly area trendsetter. Revlon has its name in the beauty industry since quite long now. Known more for their hair care products and dyes, Revlon has stepped into the makeup industry with accessible products for all skin types. This year, they introduced a photo ready series which got them a huge audience and beauty bloggers around the globe went crazy for the product. This American multinational company dates back to 1932 now has worldwide recognition.

8. L’oreal


L’oreal is a French multinational site with the most populous makeup products known across the world.  Loreal holds a very different distinction among all the beauty personified class. Since being one of the oldest yet still on the top-notch brand, L’oreal gets pumped up for every next product they launch. They are the world leader in beauty. The most essential quality that makeup users around the world tell about L’oreal products is the long lasting power that they hold.

These captives the user more effectively than any other trait might. They name their products in accordance with the quality it holds, for instance, Super Blendable. This increases their search optimization as well, a mastered use of marketing. Since being the oldest in the makeup business and having a heavy fortune, L’oreal has bought many subsidiary brands such as Maybelline, NYX Cosmetics and Urban Decay. Furthermore, the brand itself is owned with 30% shares held by Nestle.

7. Kat Von D’Beauty

Kat Von D

Kendo is the parent company listed for Kat Von D’Beauty which itself is owned by LVMH who also happens to own Sephora. The premier trait of this company is their cruelty-free production which inspires a lot of folks around the world. Kat Von D is an American-Mexican Tattoo artist who tried to test her fortune in the makeup industry and has got quite a hype. Their most credited products are the shiny, glazed bright lip colors that they offer. A lot say that her brand may fall for the personal issues she faces but till now we see it getting more empowered among people, vegans especially.

6. Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Brown

A living legend in the world of beauty, Bobbi Brown, a 59 years old beauty mogul has written about 8 books on this regard. She is a professional American makeup artist with a great contribution towards Lifestyle and health. Bobbi Brown Cosmetics got the exposure for the brushes they sell. Easily accessible and fun to use makeup tools are quite a seller on Amazon and eBay. In the eyes of many famous MUAs, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics are a go-to brand with a variety of all-around most trusted makeup supplies.

5. NARS Cosmetics

NARS Cosmetics

Also, a French-originated brand, NARS Cosmetics was a creation of a photographer tops makeup artist named Francois in 1994. Since then it has achieved a lot in this makeup crazy world. The brand is now a subsidiary of Shiseido. Their journey through being a bunch of 8 lipsticks sold at Barney’s to a top class brand today speaks highly of the struggle and hustle that has been put into.

Although NARS is owned by an owner that still tests on animals ( very much offensive to the animal rights activists) they do claim that NARS is one of their cruelty-free products.NARS Cosmetics enjoys being one good high-end product with the best range of foundations and concealers.

4. Maybelline


This is a French subsidiary of L’oreal but has such great and equal response for its production that many people don’t even know that it comes under L’oreal. Maybelline produces best quality products everywhere. Fit me series and the Age Rewind Concealer are the top picks of all most every MUA this year. With every different skin tone, they offer you a vast collection of concealers to hide blemishes or marks perfectly. One other primary used product is their Mascara. They offer a wider range of mascara than any other brand. Other than that, even their foundations are sun-protected and leave with a smooth glowy look.

3. M.A.C

M.A.C - Top 10 most populous makeup brands 2018

M.A.C was basically founded in Toronto, Canada but it has its headquarters in Newyork. The brand is an acronym for Make-up Art Cosmetics and is now under Estee Lauders since 1998. M.A.C maybe a non-cruelty free brand since they’re acquired to test on animals but it still has a lot of audiences that is increasing by numbers. M.A.C. maybe inexpensive but it surely does justice to the price range it offers. With a variety of makeup like that, people generally prefer good looks over savings at any cost.

2. Huda beauty

Huda beauty

We have seen and witnessed the rise of this Kattan woman through social media. Huda Kattan, a famous entrepreneur and makeup artist had the world within her reach when her business, Huda Beauty Cosmetics, started to blossom last year. She became an inspiration to all and now is one of the richest beauty people with her fortune still standing high. Her makeup line is ever-growing and ever-loved by everyone.

Her promotional skills lie behind her techniques with social media especially snapchat and Instagram. She was regarded the queen of baking and contouring and many of us learned the real art to do makeup from her. A lot of young MUAs would do anything to be on her PR List. She knows the worth of her journey thus cherishes the love she gets from around the world.

1. Fenty beauty

Fenty beauty

The super-hyped talk of last year was the epic entrance of music star Rihanna into the magical world of makeup business and it had maintained its flattery this year as well. Rihanna had done what she had said, she celebrated more applause by creating a broader range of makeup for all skin types.

FentyBeauty is also an LVMH owned subsidiary in collaboration with Kendo Brands. Previously acclaimed as the best invention for 2017, Fenty beauty now holds a place in Time Magazine’s ‘’Genius Companies of 2018’’. The anti-racist act of creating more foundation shades for darker skin tone is now a trend which was set by Fenty beauty herself. This brand speaks loud for the woman empowerment the world is in search of.

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