Top 10 most watched Hollywood Movies of 2019

The world’s largest film industry has presented numerous masterpieces for its viewers. The movies full of romance, action, drama and comedy have always been praised around the world. Its very hard to sort top 10 most watched Hollywood movies of 2019 but we tried. Let see the list.

Most watched Hollywood movies

10. “Three billboards on the border of Ebbing, Missouri”

The main character of “Billboards” Mildred Hayes rents three advertising billboards to place on them a message to the local sheriff Willoughby, who did not disclose the murder of her daughter. The woman is hungry for revenge and is ready to embark on anything serious, just to get the local police to work. Naturally, in the provincial town where the painting takes place, all the inhabitants are tied to each other, and therefore events affect everyone.

It seems that this is an absolute favorite of viewers and critics. However, the director Martin McDonagh was loved in Russia, even when he was just a playwright and no one thought he would go to make a movie. He conquered us with his pungent black humor, universal portraits of the inhabitants of the province, an incredible mixture of rudeness and tenderness inherent in his heroes, unpredictability and relevance of the subjects.

9. “Tonya against all”

One of the most watched Hollywood movies, Tonya against all is at No. 9. Aggressive figure skater Tonya Harding spoiled the character in battles with her own mother-abuser, her husband-abuser and the snob skating world of figure skating, who scornfully looked at a working-class sportswoman who performed in homemade suits. Nevertheless, Tonya won the US championship in 1991 and became the first American to perform a triple axel in the competition. Her career broke the scandal with an attack on the rival, in which Tonya could have been implicated or might not have been involved. That’s the way, keeping this outspokenness, and removed this story.

“Tonya against all” pleases with colorful characters, humor (even if it sometimes seems excessively cruel), a fashion still relevant in the 1990s and a thoughtfully built narrative. Certainly, Margot Robbie certainly worth playing this role is not a seductive girl to convince every one of his acting talents. Separately, it is possible to distinguish spectacularly and meticulously filmed stunts of figure skating, the power and beauty of which can be difficult to assess even on television.

8. The Phantom thread

The invented London couturier of the 1950s dresses rich heiresses, bright lionesses and famous actresses. He is smart, sharp, talented and financially secure. Once he falls in love with the super-fast waitress Alma and takes her to work for herself. The novel of two proud, wayward people cannot go smoothly, and the couple achieves harmony in the most unexpected ways.

Directed by Paul Thomas Anderson filmed the legendary among the cinephiles “Oil” and “Nights in the style of the boogie.” His films always shine with unconventional story moves and memorable visuals. “Phantom thread” was no exception, although it is not very similar to the above pictures. It is slower, largely designed for visuals and, perhaps, difficult for the perception of a significant part of Russian heterosexual men. Whatever it was, it’s a very finely constructed movie with a lot of carefully hidden by the director of the rebuses, each frame of which you want to look. And Alma in the performance of Vicky Crips is absolutely exactly one of the most charming female characters of the year. At No. 8 we included The Phantom thread as one of the most watched Hollywood movies of 2019.

7. Project “Florida”

Baby Muni lives with her young mother and without her father near the shining Disneyland – among motels for the poor, thrown to the side of life, from where someone can get out, and someone hard. These pressing circumstances in no way affect Muni: life is seen by her as colorful, cheerful and curious because she is still a child and does not really understand what is going on around her.

Sean Baker filmed a film about poverty and survival on the sidelines of American life, but through the prism of a child’s vision, why the Florida Project does not look as gloomy as it could be. Instead, he is charming and speaks with hints, so the viewer himself must guess what is happening now – and there sometimes things are frightening. Project Florida got 7th position among top 10 most watched Hollywood movies of 2019.

6. “You’ve never been here before”

Brutal bearded Joe is a former warrior, now performing money for complex and specific orders from the powerful and rich of this world. This time he needs to save the daughter of a local politician Nina kidnapped in a brothel for lovers of minors. Joe is ready to destroy everything and everyone on his way, but everything turns in the most unexpected way, and brutality is only one facet of the character’s complex character.

Lynn Ramsey confidently claims the status of the most interesting female director, and this is still the best film in her filmography (I want her to give something else as interesting). Likhaya twirling is not in the plot (although he did not disappoint), but in the characters – they seem to be inverted, but only if you cling to the stereotypes adopted in the mass cinema. In addition, there is an excellent visual series (the merit of the operator Thomas Townden) and the soundtrack (merit of “radio Cherchez” Johnny Greenwood). By the way, Joaquin Phoenix received the prize of the Cannes Film Festival for the role of Joe. Let it sort at No. 6 in the list of top 10 most watched¬†Hollywood movies of 2019.

5. “The first player to prepare”

At No. 5, we are going to add The first players to prepare in this list of top 10 most watched Hollywood movies. In the near future, people are saved from the squalor of the surrounding world in virtual reality with a lot of games called Oasis. When the creator of the Oasis dies, he beheads all the participants of his cyber world Easter eggs, which some of the players can become the owner of this digital universe, and a serious struggle begins. Among the contenders for the victory are the self-sacrificing and wanting all the best “Oasis” friends and a giant voracious corporation, eager for profit.

A new film by blockbuster classic Steven Spielberg – a screen version of the same-gic novel by Ernest Klein. Perhaps, “The first player to prepare” is the best movie attraction of this half-year, and it’s a pity if you did not have time to watch it in IMAX. This, however, does not cancel the enchanting spectacle of this film. There are a lot of nice strokes-references to the famous phenomena of Gigov pop culture – retro video games, books, films, music bands like New Order, Blondie and Bee Gess. Someone will find it delightful and will force to jump in the chair from each recognition of the next reference, and someone may consider this an annoying populism – especially given the presence in the picture of a certain proportion of moralizing. Here the best advice is to relax and have fun.

4. “Face”

Handsome and wound up Jacek lives perfectly: he has a beautiful girl, everyone loves him, he plans to leave his native Poland for a better life, and now he is working on erecting the highest in the world statue of Jesus Christ. Alas, the tragic incident at the construction site leads to the fact that Yateku is transplanted face. He seems to be the same guy, but with a new face, he becomes suspicious for others. So much so that even his own mother doubts whether this is exactly her son or his substitute Satan.

Malgorzata Shumovska¬†has removed a comedy which especially should like the Russian spectator – all the same, many realities of the Polish periphery seem painfully familiar. Here and the disco under the slaughter pop music in something like DC, and a reverent attitude to the braces, and stupidity based on outdated prejudices, and naive nationalism. “Person” simultaneously beats on many topics, criticizing the Polish society for backward way of life. In general, this is the movie that can be disassembled into screenshots-quotes for correspondence or statuses in social networks. “Face” is one of the most watched Hollywood movies of 2019.

3. “Deadpool-2”

The ironic and charming mercenary in the superhero costume of wine color came back to confront the cyborg-soldier from the future. A soldier wants to kill a mutant teenager with Russell’s superpowers, whom Deadpool met through the X-Men. Russell – an orphan, and now his salvation from the martial arts cyborg – in the hands of Deadpool.

The first “Deadpool” had a stunning success both for critics and for the fees at the box office, but the second part surpassed it. The beginning director Tim Miller was replaced by the author of “John Wick” and “Blond blonde” David Litche, and he was able to make a much more holistic and yet multifaceted film without losing humor and other features that loved the spectators of the first part. The fights became more spectacular, and the heroes, who used to be a simple addition to Deadpool, are more interesting. This thrilling picture is at No. 3 among top 10 most watched Hollywood movies of 2019.

2. “How to talk to girls at parties”

Here at No. 2, we added “How to talk girls at parties” as one of the most watched Hollywood movies. The shy London high school student Anne, along with her friends, listens to only the punk born in Britain and rebels against the elders, but the trouble is that he does not stick with the girls. Once he and his friends, also punks, accidentally get to a party dressed in a multi-colored latex of aliens who came to London as tourists. There Anne meets Zen, a blond alien who wants to escape from the control of the elders and explore the earthly life.

In a good way, John Cameron Mitchell’s insane, funny and multi-faceted film has been rolling to the market for about a year since his Cannes debut. The picture is based on the same story by Neil Gaiman, but we must pay tribute to the film version – it soldered the original storyline of even more diverse meanings. Mitchell allegorically beats the themes of otherness, acceptance of another, sexuality and love euphoria. Probably, this is one of the most pleasant and light films of this list, which perfectly harmonizes with the summer.

1. “Foxtrot”

A married couple receives news that their son, who served on the Israeli border, was killed. Parents are inconsolable, each of them is experiencing grief in its own way. This is supplemented with flashbacks, in which the son is still alive and is bored with his colleagues at the god of the forgotten roadblock.

“Foxtrot” was shown at the Venice Film Festival last year, and he immediately became one of the favorites of film critics, but before the Russian hire, he got only recently, on June 7th. The picture tells about the relationship between fathers and children, where everyone has some complaints about each other. The plot is undeniably gloomy, but the director Samuel Mouse managed to avoid pathos tragedy and even achieve a certain degree of ridiculous absurdism. Rhythmic erection, thoughtful visual details, an originally constructed plot is an art house that can be shown not only to art house lovers. So we are ending our list of top 10 most watched Hollywood movies of 2019 with Foxtrot at the top.

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