Top 10 Tennis superstars of all time

In individual sports, to become the best of the best is much more difficult than in team sports. Here the athlete cannot count on the successful performances of partners and you need to rely only on your own strength. If in a team sport one of the players did not go to the game and he was lost on the field, his nondescript actions can go unnoticed thanks to the well-coordinated game of his partners. In a single sport, if you went out on this or that game not in shape or simply not your day, then defeat cannot be avoided. In general, here win only the best, and the glory does not go too much.

Of course, tennis is one of the most popular single sports. The best tennis players on the WAY to victory are experiencing crazy loads, because sometimes one tennis match lasts more than five hours, and in two weeks you need to lead on the way to the long-awaited triumph of seven consecutive victorious games. But they are the best to overcome such obstacles. In this article, we want to tell you about the ten best tennis superstars of all time, who still play or have already completed their sports career.

Tennis superstars of all time

10. Bjorn Borg

Bjørn Borg - Top 10 best tennis players of all time

Bjorn Borg is the most titled Swedish tennis player. Borg was born in 1956 in Stockholm, and already in 1973 began his sports career. Already during his second year in the elite, the young Swede managed to win his first Grand Slam tournament by defeating on the ground courts of Paris.

During his professional career, Borgu managed to become the winner of Roland Garros five more times. Also great he played and on the grass, winning in singles five consecutive Wimbledon tournaments. However, Borg experienced the most serious difficulties on the hard.

He was never able to win a single “major” on this cover, getting five times to the finals at the US Open. In Melbourne, he did not achieve any serious results.

9. Rod Laver

Rod Laver - Top 10 best tennis players of all time

At No.9 in this list of top 10 best tennis superstars of all time is Rod Laver, Australia’s greatest sportsman of all time. He performed in the distant 60’s, but his game and results are not forgotten to this day. Rod Laver for his professional career won 11 “majors”, becoming the best in all 4 tournaments in the Grand Slam series.

The highest results he achieved at Wimbledon, winning a grassy tournament 4 times in his career. Also twice he managed to win at the home tournament, the Australian Open. In 2002, he was recognized as the legend of Australian sports and it was in his honor called the central arena in Melbourne, which plays all the decisive matches of the Australian Open.

8. Novak Djokovic

Novak Djokovic - 10 best tennis players

Novak Djokovic became a real legend in Serbia. “Zero” is now only 31 years old, and a magnificent Serbian, such a feeling, only continues to add from season to season. His 3rd place in the ranking is not at all the limit. Nowak has all the makings and opportunities on the basis of his career to become one of the best tennis superstars of all time. However, so far Djokovic has not submitted to the priming Grand Slam.

It seems that this season he was close to achieving his dream as never before, but in the final, in Paris, he was stopped by Stan Wawrinka. However, the great Serb was not particularly upset and won the next two “major” in the season. At the moment, Djokovic has won 10 Grand Slam tournaments in tournaments and this figure is clearly not the end result. Now Djokovic confidently tops the rating of ATP and continues to smash all his competitors everywhere,

7. Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal - top 10 best tennis players of all time

Rafael Nadal is also an active tennis player. A native of Spain is a living ground legend. Rafael won Roland Garros more than other tennis players. Already at his debut tournament in Paris, he managed to achieve a confident victory. Then Rafa lost in Paris only two matches – in 2009, he lost to Robin Soderling, and in 2015 he was stopped by Novak Djokovic.

All in all Nadal’s account has already won 10 wins at Roland Garros, for which he received the nickname “King of the ground”. Also, Nadal once won in Melbourne, twice won the US Open and twice became the best at Wimbledon. Now the results of Nadal plummeted, but it is possible that we will see Rafu lifting a cup of one of the Grand Slam tournaments over his head.

6. Pete Sampras

Pete Sampras - top 10 best tennis players

Pete Sampras is a typical representative of the American tennis school. However, there is one “but” – he is one of the best representatives of this school. Sampras consistently played well on hard and grass but did not like the ground. As a result, for his career, Pete has not been able to win Roland Garros.

However, in other tournaments, he tore his rivals to shreds. Sampras is a 14-fold winner in “major”, which is the best result among men. He was 5 times submissive to his native US Open, and Sampras won five Wimbledons and twice became the strongest on the courts of Melbourne. On the unloved Roland Garros, an American only once reached the semi-finals. Whenever the list of top 10 tennis superstars of all time will be sorted, you will find Pete Sampras’ name there.

5. Andre Agassi

Andre Agassi - 10 best tennis players

Andre Agassi performed at about the same time as Pete Sampras. Their rivalry has always aroused great interest among tennis fans from all over the world. Agassi, although he won less than “major”, he was able to collect a career Grand Slam, winning all four tournaments for a career. His favorite tournament is the competition in Melbourne, where Agassi celebrated four wins. Also, he performed well in his native US Open, having won two victories there. Even once for his career, Agassi managed to win Roland Garros and Wimbledon.

4. Chris Evert

Chris Evert - top 10 best tennis players of all time

American Chris Evert is one of the best tennis superstars in the women’s singles in the 70’s and early 80’s. She was not equal in the 18 Grand Slam tournaments. She is also the record-holder for the number of finals, which she has traveled 34 times in her career. In addition, Evert never stumbled in the first two rounds of the most prestigious competition.

3. Serena Williams

Serena Williams - top 10 best players tennis of all time

Serena Williams – the younger sisters of Venus Williams, who is one of the most titled tennis superstars of our time. During her career, which is still ongoing, the American was able to win 21 Grand Slam singles tournament. Despite the fact that Serene is 34 years old, she is still in great shape.

This season was one of the most successful for her. She won three Grand Slam tournaments in a row and confidently went on to create a seasonal Grand Slam – the main career goal of any tennis player, but unexpectedly lost at home, in her native US Open in the semifinals, losing to not the most powerful Italian, Robert Vinci. Let’s hope that this defeat does not break Serena morally, and she will also collect a seasonal Grand Slam next year.

2. Steffi Graf

Steffi Graf - top 10 best tennis players of all time

German Steffi Graf is the only owner of the “Golden Grand Slam”. In 1988, she managed to achieve victories in all 4 “major”, which had never been achieved before. Also the magnificent German woman that year was able to celebrate and win at the Olympic Games in Seoul, where she became a champion in singles.

In total for her brilliant career, Steffi was able to win 22 Grand Slam tournaments, and most of all she liked to play at the grassy Wimbledon, where she became the best 7 times.

1. Roger Federer

Roger Federer - top 10 best tennis players of all time

In the first place of our rating of 10 best tennis superstars of all time is the great Swiss Roger Federer. Despite the fact that he is already 37 years old, he continues to play at the highest level. Now Roger is the second racket in the world, second only to Serb Djokovic. For his glorious career, Roger has already won 17 Grand Slam titles, 7 of which fall on the grassy Wimbledon.

Roger still managed to collect a career Grand Slam after in 2009 he won on the ground courts of Paris. At around 17 titles, the Swiss superstar is not going to stop. This season, he was twice in the lead of the trophy, but in both cases, Novak Djokovic (Wimbledon and US Open) stopped him in the finals. However, for the game that the Swiss veteran demonstrates, he has every chance to win at least one more prestigious tournament.

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