Top 10 legend players in the history of football

Football is a famous game in the world. People are crazy about football. Millions of people watching football events in the world. They are not only crazy about football but also about players. Many players made history through their skills and became legends. Here we are going to compile a list of top 10 legend players in the history of football.

Legend players in football history

10. Johan Cruyff (Netherlands)

Johan Cruyff - top 10 best players in the history of football

A man who became the personification of the unique style of the Dutch national team in the 70s. The total football of Rinus Michels then thrashed everyone at the club level – his “Ajax” won three consecutive European Cup championships (the then Champions League). And the most important part of this style was Johan Cruyff. And at the 1974 World Cup Holland was the best team but lost to the pragmatic Germans in the final.

Cruyff changed not only football directly to the field, but also outside it. He was the first to demand monetary compensation for appearances in the national team. And when I learned that officials from the federation ensure their health during trips to the World Cup, I demanded the same for football players. It was not a desire to get more money, no, Cruyff explained very clearly why he was doing it: “When my career is over, I can not go into the bakery and say: I’m Johan Cruyff, give me some bread.” Partly due to sponsorship disagreements with the federation, Cruyff will not go to the 1978 World Cup and end his career in the national team.

Cruyff is not just a brilliant player, he is a great football thinker. Even in his youth, Johan began to point out even experienced players, where and why they run to the field. Becoming more experienced, turned into almost a playing coach. And the total football, the most important parts of which were he and Rinus Michels, later will become the base for the legendary football of the modern “Barcelona”.

9. Gerd Muller (Germany)

top 10 best players in the history of football

Top scorer in the history of German football. Forward, whose number of goals almost always equaled the number of matches. At the World Championships, he spent 13 games, scoring 14 goals. It was his goal in the finals of the 1974 World Cup that brought the Germans to victory over the great Dutch team of Cruyff. After that, Muller at the age of 28 announced his retirement in the national team. I wanted to spend more time with my family.

8. Shandor Kochis (Hungary)

top 10 best players in the history of football

The main star of the most powerful Hungarian team and the 8th among the legend players in the history of football, which in the mid-fifties endured everyone, was, of course, Ferenc Puskas. But at the World Cup 1954, Sandor Kocsis was the brightest. For five games, he scored 11 goals, which is not surprising, if you look at the attack of that team. At the group stage, the Hungarians defeated the national team of South Korea 9: 0, and the future finalists of the Germans – 8: 3. In the quarter-finals and semi-final went to Brazilians and Uruguayans – twice 4: 2.

The game against Brazil, in general, came into the annals as a “Berne battle” – the match ended in the biggest fight in the history of the World Cup. And the whole world flew a snapshot of the Brazilian goalkeeper Zeze Moreira, with a boot in the hands of the attacking Hungarians.

It was really the best team in the world at that time. But in the finale, she was knocked down by Puskasha’s injury. Substitutions were not envisioned at that time, and the Hungarians played out in the middle of the first half, in fact, in the minority. The Germans made from 0: 2 strong-willed 3: 2.

7. Franz Beckenbauer (Germany)

Franz Beckenbauer

The perfect combination of power, elegance and intelligence in football. Beckenbauer won the team gold, silver and bronze in three tournaments. Together with Gerd Muller, he was the most important part of the German team at the 1974 World Cup. And in 1990 he will take the first place as a coach.

About Beckenbauer say that he manages to combine sports arrogance and modesty at the same time. I remember how Franz flew to Moscow to Lev Yashin, in order, among other things, to help with the payment of a new leg prosthesis. The German genuinely was surprised that such a legendary goalkeeper lives in such a modest atmosphere.

6. Lev Yashin (USSR)

Lev Yashin

After World Cup 1962 Yashin was simply destroyed. People who admired the legendary goalkeeper, after one mistake turned into a hateful mass. Surprisingly, that tournament in the USSR did not show and the majority learned about the departure of the team from the newspapers. In them, Yashin was accused of two missed goals and a run-out in general.

Then there was darkness. Broken windows, inscriptions on the car, whistle of the full stadium when the name of Yashin was announced. The best goalkeeper in the history of the country was one step away from completing a career. And because of what? Because of the incomprehensible origin of hatred of their own.

Spas Yashin challenged the world team against the England team in 1963. He played then only the time (without missing), but so delighted everyone with his game that eventually received the “Golden Ball”. Never before or after the goalkeeper was not awarded this award.

At the World Cup 1966, Yashin played perfectly, and the USSR team achieved the main achievement in its history – reaching the semifinals.

5. Andres Iniesta (Spain)

Andres Iniesta - top 10 best players in the history of football

The most underrated player in the world. He did not give out assists and did not become the top scorer of all tournaments, but influenced the game and “Barcelona”, and the Spanish national team is the strongest. A person, thanks to which the team feels the tempo, correctly fills the zones and moves the ball. Someone calls this the command balance and is in his search most of the time, and someone has Iniesta.

Before the 2010 World Cup, Iniesta experienced the deepest depression – his close friend died, captain of Hispaniola DaniHarke. Andreas even thought about missing the World Cup, because he could not get the right shape because of psychological difficulties. Thanks to the support of players and coaches, Iniesta still went to South Africa to score the most important goal in the history of Spanish football. And then throw off a T-shirt, under which were the main words for him at the time.

4. Zinedine Zidane (France)

Zinedine Zidane

The main creator of the greatest transformation in the history of the world championships. Prior to the playoffs of the 2006 World Cup, the French national team looked pity: with a great strain the qualifying round was held, where Switzerland was the strongest opponent, then three games in the group – with same Switzerland, South Korea and Togo. Almost no one believed in that team of older stars. Especially against the backdrop of flourishing Spain with Torres, Xavi, Fabregas.

Zidane himself returned to the national team only under pressure from the public, when France in the selection could not defeat the home of Israel, Switzerland and Ireland (all matches – 0: 0). Head coach Raymond Domenech was successful at the level of youth teams, but in the first team, he did not succeed.

What happened in the playoffs, hardly anyone knows for sure. Maybe it was the fact that after leaving the band Zidane learned about the death of Jean Varro, the scout who believed in Zinedine and took him away from the criminal district of Marseilles, or maybe the French stars just got angry with their helplessness. In any case, in the 1/8 finals with Spain, it was already another team. France played better, sharper, faster, and Zidane again began to remind oneself of the former. The captain and Nabolit mockingly beautifully the last ball into the goal of Casillas.

In the quarterfinals against Brazil, the peak of magic will happen – Zidane will be better than Ronaldinho, killing fine (after one of them will score Henri) and play the game so that France confidently and in the case will beat one of the favorites of the World Cup.

Everyone knows the end of the story. First, the leader of France will score a penalty to the one who best reflects all these penalties – Portuguese goalkeeper Ricardo. It was he who won two tournaments in a row (plus Euro 2004 as well), knocking out a miracle generation of the British, giving rise to those post-match punches. And then Zidane will perform heaven and hell in miniature for one match – a scoop Buffon and a blow to Materazzi’s chest.

Even more epoch-making that tournament does is that it was Zidane’s last career match. His gaze lowered into the ground, and the World Cup against the background of the preceding legend is forever.

3. Ronaldo (Brazil)

top 10 best players in the history of football

The second scorer in the history of the World Cup – after Miroslav Klose. Ronaldo became the champion back in 1994, but at that tournament 17-year-old striker did not play a minute. In 1998, the Brazilian has already arrived as the main star of the whole championship – he was recognized as the best football player of the world by FIFA for two years in a row, won the “Golden Ball” in 1997.

The Brazilian national team came to the finals powerfully, but before the decisive match, Ronaldo became ill. Doctors have long doubted but still allowed to play the attacker in the final. As a result, it affected – Zidane scored two gorgeous goals, and France wanted to see him as the new president.

Tournament life was for Ronaldo the next World Cup – in 2002. He had a year and a half suffering because of injuries before the tournament, but in South Korea and Japan scored 8 goals, and the Brazilian national team won all the matches. Especially memorable was a double in the final to the goal of Oliver Kahn, the best goalkeeper of the world at that time.

2. Pele (Brazil)

10 legend players in the history of football

The most titled footballer of the world championships (three wins with four entries). A man who, with furious competition in Brazil, became the absolute number one in the history of Brazilian football. After the 1966 World Cup, where they played against Pele so rudely that law enforcement agencies should have been interested in this, the Brazilian wanted to finish his career in the national team.

But the 1970 World Cup returned, becoming part of, perhaps, the best team in the history of the tournament. Surprisingly, it was created by its journalist Joan Saldanha, who did not want to take Pele to the World Cup.

1. Diego Maradona (Argentina)

Diego Maradona

For the Argentinean campaign for the World Cup could end in a seedy Venezuelan airport. The fans firmly met the Argentine national team, and one even, breaking through the ranks of the police, charged Maradona on his right knee. He fell into his left leg, everything could come to the end. Because two years before Andoni Goicoechea, nicknamed “a butcher from Bilbao,” rudely broke Maradona in the championship of Spain. The second blow, perhaps, could not stand.

At the 1986 World Cup, Diego showed what distinguishes a brilliant player from the great. Genius is able to solve individual episodes and even matches in the eventuality, but he can not decide whole tournaments. Maradona – he could. That team of Argentina was not outstanding – neither in composition, nor in football, but for her playing a man who was able to change everything. In any way – whether it is the passage through the whole field or a goal with a hand in front of several tens of thousands of fans. He stands first among the legend players in the history of football.

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