TOP 10 best mountain bikes for awesome riding

A bicycle is one of the safest and economical types of wheeled vehicles, and it can be designed for people of absolutely any age. Movement on it has a good effect on health – it strengthens the heart, keeps the muscles in a tone, allows you to strengthen the nervous system and provide a good mood.

Companies that produce bicycles offer consumers a fairly wide range of products that can be used for different types of riding. Depending on the purpose of the bike, he may have his own design. Today mountain bikes have gained the greatest popularity. They are very convenient, they are versatile – it can be suitable for city walks, and used for cross-country or mountain trails.

How to pick up a best mountain bike?

Mountain biking is rather complicated, so many factors should be taken into account when selecting it. These designs include a frame, suspension, shock absorbers, wheels – all of which provide driving comfort. Suspension is of several types – Hardtail (universal design, which is perfect for traveling around the city, tourism, cross country, includes a rigid frame and a shock front fork), Double suspension (each of the wheels has a shock absorber – this model is much more expensive, so as it is intended only for professional athletes), Rigid (it is made on the basis of a rigid frame and forks, it is used for trial and jumping, it is too heavy for walking and not too suitable).

It is very important to pay attention to the material from which the frame is made – it is made from traditional steel, aluminum alloys, titanium, steel with the addition of chromium and molybdenum, carbon fiber and so on. The most common models are aluminum alloy because they weigh the least and have excellent rigidity.

Shock-absorbing forks are spring-elastomeric (budgetary version, installed on rather cheap models, mediately pass through the roughness of road surface), oil-air (well suited for models intended for a damper, but for downhill will be rather weak) or spring-oil models, universal for all disciplines of best mountain bikes).

We have developed a rating of the best mountain bikes of 2019 so that you can choose the right model as easily as possible. Considered a number of factors that affect not only the price but also the quality of the device. Particular attention was paid to the relationship between price and quality, and also when evaluating the ratings, user feedback was taken into account.

The 10 best mountain bikes of 2019

10. Giant Rincon LTD 26

top 10 best mountain bikes 2018

This model is perfect for people who are just going to learn a mountain bike. The design is quite an acceptable price, and for patency, you can quickly understand whether a mountain bike is the kind of sport that you need. It is made on the basis of an aluminum frame and the latest design of forks Zoom CH410E (ATB) 26. The brake system is mechanical, it will not work for too steep slopes, but it will behave quite dignified on rough terrain or in urban conditions.

The frame is of light type, which allows to significantly reduce the weight of the bicycle, without affecting the strength of the entire structure. The plug sufficiently absorbs vibration from unevenness of the road. This bicycle uses Shimano Tourney attachments, which belongs to the initial type, does not require special maintenance.


• Quite an acceptable price for a mountain bike;
• Well behaves on rough terrain;
• Perfectly absorbs the vibration and various irregularities of the coating.

9. Bicycle for adults TREK 820 (2018)

Top 10 best mountain bikes

This model is quite in demand among buyers, limited in means. The bike differs insignificant weight, excellent maneuverability and high quality of assemblage. Looks stylish and modern. The frame is made of painted steel, the stroke of the shock-absorbing fork is 75 mm, which allows the model to overcome all kinds of obstacles during driving both on the asphalt surface and on the dirt road. The diameter of the wheels is 26 inches. They are additionally reinforced by aluminum rims and tires, which provide excellent grip on virtually any base.

The braking system is reliable, if necessary, the speed is reset almost instantly, due to which the forced stop takes only a few seconds. The bike has 21 travel speeds. The curved arm is convenient for both hands and the spine. The design is perfect for long trips. Pedals are equipped with a so-called platform configuration, are well interlocked with the sole of the shoe. In general, this design is good for both adults and teenagers.


• It behaves well in urban conditions, in the forest, on any subsoil;
• Seat of ergonomic shape with high anatomical characteristics;
• Attractive appearance;
• High build quality.

8. Forward Apache 2.0 Disc 2016

Best Mountain bikes 2018

This model is also designed for those who are just starting to discover a ride on mountain biking. The design is made on the basis of an aluminum frame, which immediately makes it not too heavy. The SR Suntour XCT plug is installed, which is also made of aluminum. It has a preload adjustment system. The bicycle itself is well suited for both urban conditions and for cross-country driving. The model was initially developed taking into account the requirements of Russian consumers.

The steering column is semi-integrated, the steering wheel is connected to the frame using threadless technology so that it will not be skewed during operation. The steering wheel is made of steel, there are convenient handles that facilitate the grasp of the palms. The brake system is controlled by means of handles on the handlebars, the disc brakes are equipped with a smooth stroke, so the bicycle will not be brought in even if the truck stops abruptly. He has 21 speeds, they switch with the help of levers.


• Excellent build quality;
• On such a bike it is convenient to climb a mountain;
• Beautiful appearance;
• Slight weight.

7. Forward Sporting 1.0

Forward Sporting 1.0

It is a universal semi-professional bicycle, suitable for both men and women. For travel on the mountains does not suit very well, but it behaves beautifully on rough terrain or in urban conditions. Planting is sporty, the saddle and steering wheel are positioned so that the rider’s back is in the correct position. The weight of the product is 16.5 kg due to the steel reinforced frame, wheels 26-inch, front mounted shock absorber of the brand Zoom 327 26 ”. It will absorb vibration well.

The bicycle has a Neco steering column with a threaded type, and the stem is also threaded. The brake system is collar, it behaves reliably in any conditions. Regardless of the type of road, the model will not enter even with emergency braking. The bicycle has 18 speeds with a conventional steering switch. The wings are made of plastic, have decent dimensions, perfectly protect the rider from splashing.


• Sturdy steel frame;
• Comfortable soft saddle;
• A clear switch of speeds.
• After a while, the fork is filled with sand, it has to be disassembled and lubricated;
• Brake pads begin to creak in wet weather;
• Significant mass;
• The luggage compartment is not fastened securely.

6. GT Avalanche 3.0 Disc

GT Avalanche 3.0 Disc

This company has long been on the market, lovers of bicycle riding will not confuse its products with any other. Engineers are constantly developing new designs. This bicycle will be a good option for walking in urban conditions and on dirt roads. It has a system of 27 speeds, the wheels are quite strong, the braking system is hydraulic. It is produced in black or blue. Lightweight – the frame is made of aluminum alloy, has good performance in terms of rigidity and reliability. There is an amortization fork that makes the roughness of the road surface virtually invisible.

The bike is suitable for both men and women. The body of the pedals is plastic, has a corrugation, the sole will not slip from them. The mass is only 14.1 kg. Manageability is excellent, the design responds even to a weak hand movement. Tires with a hinge, which additionally increase the speed limit of the product.


• Reliable design;
• Suspension can be adjusted if necessary;
• The switches are very comfortable;
• Universal tires.

5. Stels Navigator 650 MD 27.5 V020 (2017)

Stels Navigator 650 MD 27.5 V020

This is the latest model of this line, it is suitable for riders who have a different level of training. The bike is distinguished by its excellent quality and beautiful design. This design can be attributed to universal, as it is well suited for both women and men, has excellent cross-country ability in mountainous terrain, on rough terrain, and also on asphalt roads. The bike is rapidly gaining speed, it is equipped with wheels with a diameter of 27.5 inches. The frame is made of aluminum alloy, it is light and has high strength. If you want, you can buy a bike with individual parameters, which made it the best in our review.

The fork has an original shape, it is made on the basis of spring-elastomeric technologies, its stroke is 100 mm. The plug has excellent durability and reliability, perfectly absorbs any irregularities. If necessary, the rider can independently adjust their rigidity. All the main knots are durable, which is very important for a mountain bike. The transmission is produced by the Japanese company Shimano, which produces only high-quality parts, in total there are 24 speeds. Disc brakes, work almost instantly, even on a serious slope.


• Despite a large number of positive functions, it has a low cost;
• A small mass for its dimensions;
• Good quality of production;
• It’s easy to operate.

4. Stinger Element D 26

top 10 best mountain bikes 2018

This is a semi-professional model, which is characterized by high reliability and excellent controllability. It is very convenient to navigate on any road surface – ground, mountains, rough terrain, asphalt and so on. The wheels have a double aluminum rim, which allows them to withstand heavy loads. The damper fork, like the frame itself, is made of aluminum alloys of grade 6061. It is practically not different from steel in terms of its strength, but it weighs considerably less in comparison with it.

The Stinger shock absorber is equipped with a stroke of up to 5 cm, which makes it possible to achieve maximum comfort while driving over uneven surfaces. The tires have a well-designed pattern that will provide a good grip even with a wet or icy coating. The brake system is a disk, it works almost instantly, in total there are 18 speeds, the diameter of the wheels is 26 inches.


• Acceptable cost;
• Beautiful appearance;
• Easy to operate and maintain.

3. Silverback Stride 15 (2016)

Silverback Stride 15

The development of this bicycle used the latest technology and modern materials. It is comfortable, with adjustable seat height, suitable for a person of any height and complexion. Also, if necessary, you can change the stem. The tube-type frame is made of an aluminum alloy with the addition of nickel. The running system is equipped with one driving star. The distinctive features include the presence of a USB-port, due to which you can charge your mobile phone right while driving.

Suspension is unique – no one bike to meet this will not work. It uses a two-component assembly, as well as a pair of sealed bearings, which increase reliability and torsional rigidity. The wheels are the same, their diameter is 26 inches. The brake system is represented by a disk hydraulic unit, there is a modification with an installed internal disk element. The bike has 24 speeds. The shock absorber is equipped with a spring-and-oil mechanism, the free stroke is 100 mm. The saddle is quite rigid, it has a steel frame.


• High-quality German assembly;
• Attractive appearance;
• The switch is metal.

2. Giant ATX 2 (2018)

Giant ATX 2

One of the best mountain bikes, which appeared on sale only closer to the end of last year, but it has already become popular among fans of outdoor activities. This model is perfect for daily use. The frame is made of aluminum alloy, the steering wheel is quite wide, the wheels are enlarged – their diameter is 27.5 inches. In combination with each other, these characteristics provide excellent controllability and good ride smoothness. This model has the largest stroke of the shock absorber among all the bicycles presented in our review. It absorbs even serious irregularities in the coating. The bicycle is equipped with a drive brand Shimano, featuring the reliability, speed and accuracy of switching.

A bicycle is good for both men and women. It is claimed by the manufacturer as amateur, but it may be suitable for advanced users. It has 21 speeds, a disc brake system, a sturdy and high-quality steel chain that will not slip off the ratchets.


• Quality execution;
• Beautiful appearance;
• Does not need a break-in.

1. Merida Crossway 20-MD

top 10 best mountain bikes 2018

This is one of the best mountain bikes of the past year, equipped with wheels of large diameter – 29 inches when they are the standard size of 26 inches. This model will be perfect for tall people. It is well suited for mountainous terrain, but it is universal, so it will behave beautifully on rough terrain and even on asphalt. Frame aluminum well withstands significant loads. The design provides a fork of increased rigidity Urban Rigid AI.

The brake system is based on disk technology so that the bike does not enter even with a sharp stop. The bike has 24 speeds, a convenient but not very capacious trunk, a threaded steering rack and a threaded outrigger. The saddle relative to the rudder is located in such a way that the rider’s back will be flat during the trip. The pedals are plastic, have several ribs.


• A small mass of the structure;
• The seat and steering wheel are height adjustable;
• Enlarged wheels
• Amortization and brakes are quite reliable

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