Top 10 most powerful battle tanks in the world

The battle tanks are the key weapon of today’s modern armies. This powerful weapon is being used from 18 century. Many technological advancements made this weapon very powerful and main defense line of any country. In this article, we are discussing top 10 most powerful battle tanks in the world.

Most powerful battle tanks

10. VT-4 / MBT3000 (China)

VT-4 (MBT3000) - most powerful battle tanks

For the most part, during the last 50 years, Chinese tanks were not considered particularly difficult, especially by American standards. This was due to the fact that for a long time the military vehicles of the Middle Kingdom were being developed, or more correctly, copied by captured or secretly obtained samples. As a result of such engineering, a tank was often obtained, which was similar in design to a Soviet colleague, but in all other respects, it was much worse.

Recently, this trend began to change. And although there is no doubt that modern Chinese military equipment is still largely based on foreign technology and design, the design of new tanks definitely shows a higher level of complexity.

The VT-4 tank, also known as MBT3000, is considered to be an improved VT-1 model. It was built by the Chinese state corporation NORINCO. The concept debuted in 2012.

VT-4 has a digitized interface and combat management system, which improve the efficiency of the tank. Like many combat vehicles on this list, the Chinese tank is also equipped with an active defense that can detect and hit attacking missiles.

9. BM Oplot (Ukraine)

top 10 most powerful battle tanks

After the collapse of the USSR, Ukraine left with the tank factory in Kharkov, which was produced the main battle tank T-80 UD. Ukrainian engineers wanted to develop their own car. Therefore, it was decided to take the basis of the T-80 project and change its design. The result of this work was the T-84, which, in the course of time, became a BM “Oplot”. The tank was so modernized that it is considered one of the most sophisticated machines on the market today.

Like most Soviet tanks, the Oplot is armed with a 125 mm smoothbore gun, capable of firing multiple explosive and armor-piercing ammunition and anti-tank missiles with laser guidance.

Ammunition is loaded using the autoloader in just 8 seconds. In order to find and accurately hit the target, the crew is assisted by panoramic and thermal imaging sights, while the gun uses a ballistic computer.

For many technical characteristics, the Ukrainian tank is not inferior to the sensational Russian “Armata”.

8. T-90AM (Russia)

T-90AM 1

Soviet T-72 tanks are still in service in many countries around the world. The car was so popular that it was constantly upgraded. In the mid-1990s on the basis of the T-72 was created a new model – T-90. Externally, the tanks are very similar, but they have significant technical differences.

In terms of protection, the T-90 is superior to its predecessor thanks to a new tower, which was built to withstand American armor-piercing shells. Additional protection is provided by laser detection of missiles and interference system.

The main gun is a 125-millimeter cannon. Very often, the T-90 is compared with the American “Abrams”. But, as the comparison of these tanks shows, the American has more advantages.

7. AMX-56 Leclerc (France)

AMX-56 Leclerc - top 10 most powerful battle tanks

The tank Leclerc was adopted by the French army back in 1992. Today, there are more than 400 military vehicles, operated by the French military, and more than 350 – the army of the United Arab Emirates.

For a long time, Leclerc was considered the most expensive tank in the world thanks to, to a large extent, the complex systems that are installed on board.

The autoloader AMX-56 Leclerc is very fast and can load up to 12 rounds per minute for a 120 mm smoothbore gun. The digital fire control system allows the gunner to highlight six targets and hit them in just over 30 seconds. Thermal imaging sights and laser range finders help to identify the enemy and aim at a distance of up to four kilometers.

Armor on the newest models of this tank consists of tungsten and titanium modules, as well as active-reactive armor. All these modern technologies are additionally protected by a laser system and a missile attack warning system, as well as by targets and anti-personnel grenades.

6. Challenger 2 (United Kingdom)

Challenger 2 - most powerful battle tanks

The British Challenger 2 entered service in 1998. It was often called the most protected tank in the world. This was made possible by his high-grade Dorchester armor. For certain its composition is unknown, but there are suggestions that it can be an alloy of cermets and other various metals. The armor of the Challenger 2 tank is so strong that it repeatedly withstood the flurry of enemy grenade launchers during the war in Iraq.

In the history of Challenger 2, his armor was hit only once, when the tank was mistakenly hit by another Challenger. The British tank is also equipped with modules of dynamic anti-cumulative armor protection. Unlike most major battle tanks, the Challenger is armed with a rifled 120 mm cannon, which gives it a high degree of accuracy.

The crew is assisted by a Canadian-made fire control computer and a British-made information battle system that combines all the systems and displays of the tank.

5. Leopard 2A7 (Germany)

Leopard 2A7

It was adopted in service in 1979. Nevertheless, the machine is still one of the best thanks to the modernization. The current version of the Leopard model – 2A7 + – absorbed not only all the best from its predecessors but also refinements that were made based on the experience of using the tank during street fighting, for example, in Iraq.

Leopard 2 is armed with a 120-mm smoothbore gun that is capable of firing ammunition of various types, including guided LAHAT missiles. The gun is fully stabilized and connected to a laser ranging system, which allows hitting the target when driving at a distance of up to five kilometers.

The integrated command and information system, along with improved day and thermal imaging sights, give the new Leopard 2 models an advantage on the battlefield when it comes to “hunting” for enemy tanks.

Leopard 2 is not equipped with dynamic protection, but instead uses a base of multi-layer composite armor, above which is placed modular profiled armor to enhance protection.

4. Type 10 (Japan)

Type 10

When they talk about modern military equipment, they often forget Japan. But in vain, Japanese tank builders have developed a stunning tank – Type 10. It has been adopted in 2012. The machine has become a huge step forward military experts of the Land of the Rising Sun.

Type 10 is armed with a 120 mm smoothbore gun. The charging system is automatic. The crew is three people. All of them are in the compartment, which is protected by nanocrystalline steel. Its feature is that it is three times stronger than ordinary steel.

The tank has a complex system that monitors the situation on the battlefield, giving Type 10 an advantage over many other modern tanks.

3. Merkava IVm (Israel)

Merkava IVm

At No. 3, One of the most powerful battle tanks, Merkava IVm from Israel. For a long, time Israel had to fight on imported tanks. But the constant complex military situation in the country forced to develop its own tank – Merkava. Model IVm accommodates a crew of four. Also in the tank can fit a few more soldiers.

The main priority of MerkavaIVm is protection. Israeli experts have relied on modular armor, which can be quickly replaced. Also, much attention was paid to disguise. Tank constructors worked even over the color of the exhaust gases so that the tank was not visible on the battlefield.

For protection, the Trophy system is used, which can alert the crew of a threat and neutralize anti-tank missiles. The main gun is a 120 mm smoothbore gun.

2. M1A2 SEPv2 (USA)

M1A2 SEPv2

M1 Abrams – the machine with the greatest combat experience. He has been in the service since 1980. But do not think that for 35 years the tank has become obsolete. “Abrams” is constantly updated and improved.

Like many other Western tanks, the M1A2 SEPv2 has a 120mm smoothbore gun. Shells that are in service with Abrams,can not be the most modern armor.

Protection M1A2 SEPv2 consists of multilayer steel. In the production of American tanks, depleted uranium is also used. This element has a high density, so it is difficult to break through.

The latest models of M1 Abrams The tanks installed advanced thermal imagers and GPS systems. The main advantage of the tank is weapons can be controlled remotely.

1. K2 Black Panther (South Korea)

K2 Black Panther

In the mid-1990s, South Korea decided to develop its own tank. The result was the K2 Black Panther, built by Hyundai. Externally, K2 is somewhat similar to the German Leopard2. Technically, these tanks are also similar. The Korean machine is equipped with a German smoothbore gun and a diesel engine with a capacity of 1,500 horsepower.

The autoloader of shells by operation principle is very similar to the system used on the French AMX-56 Leclerc. K2 Black Panther can produce about 10 rounds per minute. And modern systems of tracking the battlefield make the Korean tank one of the most effective in the world.

The Korean machine is protected by composite and explosive reactive armor. To protect against missiles, the tank uses passive and active protection. Passive warns of a threat and can cause interference. Active, just like the Israeli Merkava, destroy the missiles.

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