Top 10 business opportunities in Pakistan

The recent economic growth and the improvements in the security situation of Pakistan have created a promising potential for many businesses in the country. Regarded as the place for many hidden natural resources and pure artistry for different business space, Pakistan offers various business opportunities for commerce with the massive capability to go big!

A recent trend in entrepreneurship and the development in the IT sector also has opened gates to new demands that could only be fulfilled by the new businesses. There are numerous businesses that could rapidly grow in the Pakistani market.

Here are the top 10 business opportunities in Pakistan:

Top 10 highly profitable business opportunities in Pakistan

1. Real estate

Real Estate can be one of the most profitable businesses that could be started with very little investment. Real estate land values quickly in Pakistan these days, and with the growth of the urban cities, there is increasing demand for housing. Many local and overseas Pakistanis prefer investing in different real estate land, making it the safest business with a large market.

The business requires very little capital investment to start, and with a good understanding of the property market, one can easily flourish in very little time. The agents earn a commission on the sold property transactions. Each deal could be charged between 1%-2% from both sides, which could result in millions in the earnings. So, Real estate is one of the best business opportunities in Pakistan.

2. Dairy Business

Pakistan has a huge demand for organic eggs, milk and other dairy products. The business will not only attract local stores but good quality dairy products can appeal to different hotels, restaurants, and homes. Being the third largest milk producer in the world and with a massive number of dairy food experts, Pakistan is the perfect place to start a dairy business.

With a few goats or cows, one can start the business on a small scale and could grow it within months. Another advantage of the dairy business is the formation of different by-products. Milk can be used to easily prepare yogurt, butter & desi ghee which could become a large portion of the business earnings.  With a little investment and small space, a dairy business can attract all types of customer in a short span of time. The popularity of Dairy Farms makes it one of the best business opportunities in Pakistan.

3. Online T-Shirt Business

T-shirt printing business over the years has become a multi-million-dollar industry. With a few attractive shirt designs and a Facebook page, one can reach millions of customers. Eccentric and creative designs would always attract the customer and could even help in the branding of the company. The business does not even require any space, everything could be showcased online and with proper marketing strategy, the business could expand massively.

It is extremely inexpensive merchandise to start, so if you feel that you have a creative mind that could attract online customer with new trendy T-shirt designs, this one of the highly profitable business opportunities would be ideal for you. Similarly, alongside the shirt business, one can also include watches, jewelry and different sunglasses on the same setup.

4. Restaurant

One of the oldest yet still growing business in the world is the restaurant business. Even though Pakistan is known for many different famous restaurants, there are still many cuisines that are yet to be introduced to the people of the country. Italian, Korean, Spanish and even Arabian food are well known for its taste all over the world but there are no such big names in Pakistan dealing in these cuisines. Pakistani people love food and the introduction of new cuisine could bring in the massive following.

Even good quality local food appeal to many customers of all ages. So even though there are various restaurants all over Pakistan, the people of this country would always appreciate good quality food.

5. Freelance Business

Many Pakistanis are earning a lot working as professionals online for different skills. Foreign clients prefer Asian freelancers due to the time difference between the countries, professionalism of Asian employee and due to lower charge expectation.

Freelance business opportunities in Pakistan can be anything from writing to graphic designing to Computer programming. Depending upon the skills of the person, one can work full time as a freelancer for different clients. One can work as an individual to even as a team, depending upon the amount of the work. No capital is required and there are numerous platforms available online for freelance work.

6. Tourism agency

Pakistan is known as one of the most beautiful countries with many magnificent natural landscapes. With the improvement in the security situation many local and foreign tourist are flooding in different parts of the country. A good tourism agency can catch on this massive opportunity by providing services to the tourist. By providing transport, food, security, and housing, the tourism business can earn a lot on different fronts.

Foreign tourists prefer traveling the country under a tourism agency plan for a better experience. Where there is a demand for such services in Pakistan, very few provide it in a professional way.  Few different tourist guides along with transport arrangements are the only requirements for the business that has a lot of scope in Pakistan.

7. Event Coordinator

Event coordination is one of the most profitable small-scale business in Pakistan. A lot of different events have a lot of different requirements, with an event coordination business one does not only attract individuals but also appeal to different hotels & restaurants.

It can include event planning, food and even the entertainment that all together can create massive profits. With a simple understanding of event planning and with contacts with different services one can create a huge income through this business.

8. Organic food market

Pakistan due to its natural resources and land fertility is the perfect place for the growth of organic products. The increased awareness in the recent years about the health benefits of organic food has created a massive demand for it.

It can range from all sort of organic vegetables to even an organic poultry farm. Where a large storage capacity is required for the business, organic food has a massive demand and therefore is one of the fast-growing markets in Pakistan. This is one of the low investment and highly profitable business opportunities in Pakistan.

9. Auto spare parts

As very few cars are built in Pakistan, there is a constant demand for different auto spare parts. Different cars are brought in Pakistan in refurbished condition and therefore there would always be a risk of various defects in the individual car parts. By just providing common spare parts, one could start the business which could expand rapidly.

10. Luxury car business

Pakistan is one of the few places where with time, the price of luxury cars increases rapidly. This is because no such platform exists where people can purchase such cars, and therefore there are a very limited number of luxury cars in the country.

There are is massive demand in such cars, as automobile lovers are always looking for the classes and authentic Luxury cars. With contacts among such car enthusiasts’ groups, one could easily understand the different demands for luxury automobiles. Although this business would require a lot of capital, the profits could among millions. If you are interested to start a new business we will recommend this one of the highly profitable business opportunities in Pakistan.

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