Top 10 highest paid employees in the world 2018

Employees have a major role in the success or failure of a company. These employees serve their company in different fields such as management, Human resources, quality control, customer care etc. A good employee leads to the company’s development. Responsible and hardworking employees are the assets of any company in today’s era of high competition. Every company strives that its good employees always work for it so they do not hesitate to give them a handsome salary package. Generally, employees who handle the management of a company, their salaries are more than other employees. Today we are compiling a list in which we will tell you who are the top 10 highest paid employees in the world.

Top 10 highest paid employees in the world

Let’s see which company is paying what to its top employees. So, hold your heart because some interesting and surprising figures are here to read. We will start from 10 to 1 so that you can go through the entire list.

10. Howard M. Lorber (Vector Group Ltd: $29.4 million)

Highest paid CEOs in the world

The American investor and businessman, Howard Mark Lorber, is at number 10 with $29.4 million per year or around $2.45 million per month salary. The president and CEO of a holding company vector group and the Chairman of  Douglas Elliman, Lorber is one of the highest paid employees in the world. His own company Douglas Elliman is a subsidiary company of Vector Group which is the largest real estate brokerage in New York and Florida. He also holds the chairmanship of fast food chain Nathan’s Famous.

9. Sandeep Mathrani ( GGP: $32.6 million)

Sandeep Mathrani - Highest paid CEO

The CEO of General Growth Properties, Sandeep Mathrani is also one of the highest paid employees in the world. The company is currently paying him about $32.6 million annually. Sandeep had joined GGP at the time in 2011 when the company was near bankruptcy. He is the man who successfully handled the worst situation and brought the company again on its feet. For his more than 20 years experience, Sandeep Mathrani is a big name in the real estate industry.

8. Safra A Catz (Oracle: $41 million)

Safra A Catz - Oracle

Safra A Catz, Co-CEO of the world’s biggest computer tech company Oracle, is currently getting a mouthwatering package around $41 million per year. She is also the highest paid female employee in America. Safra joined Oracle in 1999 and for an exquisite 19 years career with Oracle, she is one of the most successful names in the world of technology. She is managing the financial, legal and manufacturing operations.

7. Mark V Hurd (Oracle: $41.2 million)

Mark V Hurd - Highest paid CEO in the World

Here’s again a name from Oracle, Mark V Hurd, the Director and Co-CEO of Oracle, has been paid $41.2 million annually. He joined Oracle in 2010 due to his more than 12 years experience and work performance in HP. Now after 20 years of professional experience, Mark V Hurd has the ability to accurately predict the market potential and in and out. For $3.43 million per month as salary, he has successfully acquired a room in the list of 2018’s highest paid CEOs in the world.

6. Robert A. Iger (Walt Disney: $47.6 million)

Highest paid employees in the wold

The CEO and Chairman of the world’s largest media company Walt Disney, Robert A. Iger is also one of the highest paid employees. He was appointed as Chairman of the Company in 2000 and later held the position of CEO in 2005. Iger got $44.9 million as his first salary after he held the chief executive’s chair. Now, he is receiving $47.6 million annually from Walt Disney.

5. Leonard S.Schleifer (Regeneron Pharmaceuticals: $49.3 million)

Highest paid employees

Leonard S. Schleifer is the founder and CEO of Regeneron, a biotechnology and pharmaceutical research company. The Regeneron Company was established in 1988 by three partners, Leonard S. Schleifer,  George Sing(investor) and a 28 years old scientist, George Yancopoulos. Leonard drove the company to the success only on two strategies “only invest in drugs and try to test on the human to compare the results in the laboratory and in the real world”. Now, the company is paying $49.3 million as salary per year.

4. Frank J. Bisignano (First Data: $52.2 million)

Top paid CEO

Frank J. Bisignano is the chairman and CEO of an American financial services company First Data. Franck became CEO of First Data in 2013 and Financial Times Newspaper published a heading “one of the most influential, yet least visible, executives” for him. First Data paying him a handsome salary package of $52.2 million per year. He got 4th place in the list of 10 highest paid employees in the world.

3. Ralph Lauren (Ralph Lauren: $66.4 million)

top 10 highest paid employees in the world

The Chairman, COO and the former CEO of Ralph Lauren Corporation, Ralph Lauren is the 3rd highest paid CEO in the world. In 2017, he was declared the 91st richest man in America with the total assets of $5.8 billion. He is also famous for his rare automobiles collection. Currently, Ralph Lauren Corporation paying hin $66.4 million per year.

2. Leslie Moonves (CBS corporation: $68.4 million)

Leslie Moonves

The Chief Executive Officer of CBS Corporation, Leslie Moonves is the 2nd highest paid employee in the world. He also holds the Chairman of the board and President designations. He joined CBS in 1995 and in 2003 he became the CEO of the American mass media corporation. Moonves is considered the Second highest paid director in the world in 2012 ($58.8 million) and in 2013 ($65.4 million). In 2017, he has been paid $68.4 million and declared 2nd highest paid CEO in the world.

1. John Hammergren (McKesson Corporation: $131 million)

Top 10 highest paid employees in the world

The American pharmaceutical and health services providing company, Mckesson, is paying $131 million to its CEO John Hammargren. John joined Mckesson in 1996 to control the pharmaceutical division of the company and became CEO in 2001 and Chairman in 2002. Harvard Business Review Declared him one of the Best-performing CEOs in the world in 2014 and 2015. He is at the top in the list of top 10 highest paid employees in the world.


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