Top 10 Countries with the highest literacy rate

The future of every one of us, and thus societies that make up a nation, is built on a foundation called education. That is teaching, or even assisting an individual to read and write, or imparting basis mathematical skills, acquisition of which many among us take for granted. There is no doubt that literacy is fundamental for the welfare in any country, its economic growth as well as the development of individual thought that goes on to formulate the collective, rational mind.

What is the importance of Literacy?

For an individual, it is imperative that one acquires sufficient knowledge which would ensure one’s welfare in society, and if at all possible contribute to educating others in one’s social circles.

Whoever might wish to migrate to another land, language skills are fundamental to developing a friendly social group for a contented life, without which one would be inclined to isolation, leading to anxiety due to loneliness.
English, for one, is a language that is spoken and understood across the Globe in many countries, especially those which have been a part of the British Commonwealth. Therefore, it’s a language well worth gaining worthwhile command in.

Moreover, an educated parent is far more likely to understand issues relating to schooling and health of her/his child, being able to communicate better with teachers and physicians, being more able to make the right choices.

With higher literacy rates, opportunities can be created for new employment which then helps a country’s economic development, leading to higher standards of life for all, at the same time helping governments to lift individuals out of poverty.

Today, with the rapidly changing technology, new opportunities continually keep surfacing which makes it vital for the learned to broaden their knowledge with the changing times, AND for others to keep a lookout for a chance that would allow them to shine with their particular skill.

Hereunder is a list of Top 10 Countries with the Highest Literacy rate, and not surprisingly, countries that attract migration for obvious reasons:

1. Russia

Russia has the highest literacy rate at almost 59.3% of its population. Estimates indicate that 95% of adults in Russia are highly literate, having a Higher Secondary Education. This is not surprising as the government spends something like 4.9% of its GDP on education. Russia is at the top in the list of top 10 countries with the highest literacy rate.

2. Canada

With 57.62% of adults having earned one kind of higher education or another, Canada stands 2nd in the top 10 list, spending 6.6% of its total GDP on education. Nevertheless, its population having the greatest career and skill-based proportion in the education sector, Canada in so achieving is the most educated country in the world.

3. Finland

Finland claims to have the most productive education system with respect to its student-performance in secondary schools. The country allocates 7% of its GDP to education and has a literacy rate of 54.26% of its total population. According to OECD this figure of 54.26% achieves adult education levels in Finland, making it the top provider of education to international students.

4. Japan

The Japanese gain 51% literacy rate by spending just 5% of their GDP on education. Again, Japan’s population of 51% indicates the percentage of educated adults, thus numbering this East Asian country among the top 10 that enjoy the highest literacy rates.

5. Israel

Israel invests about 7.5% of the country’s GDP on education, producing a literacy rate of 48.31%, which also indicates the percentage of educated adults as declared by OECD. We included it at No. 5 in the list of top 10 countries with the highest literacy rate.

6. The United States of America

Spending 7% of its total GDP, the country’s literacy rate stands at 46% of the total population. A US census claims that roughly 33% of American citizens are a Bachelor’s Degree holders or more, and OECD puts the United States educated adult percentage at this 46% figure of a rich and diverse ethnicity across the country.

7. Korea

Korea enjoys a literacy rate of 43.86%, with expenditure on education amounting to a handsome 8% of GDP. These figures are attributed to the 2015 government expenditures on the education sector which amounted to US$43.1 billion, raising its educated adult percentage to 43.86%.

8. United Kingdom

With 40% of UK’s population being literate, OECD says 45.96% of Britons are educated, adults. UK commits 7% of its GDP on education, but most of its funding of education is through private sources. It’s no disclosure that Britain is home to some of the world’s top universities, like Cambridge and Oxford. The United Kingdom is also another country that attracts international students to its educational institutions in large numbers.

9. New Zealand

Estimates show that 15% of New Zealand’s total population receive some form of college education. New Zealand being a very small nation, spends 7% of its GDP to establish its literacy rate at 39.65%.

10. Austalia

The country is a magnet for international students who make up almost 25% of the Australian population (figures from 2009). 38% of Australians go beyond college education so that 43.74% of the total population considered to be comprised of educated adults. The country allocates 6% of its GDP on education and boasts a high life-expectancy for both genders.

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