Top 10 countries with the lowest literacy rate

Education is the basic necessity of human beings, and without it, some stubbornness remains in their life. Education plays an important role in managing one’s life and making a useful member of society. Education is an important requirement to avoid the disturbance in society and eliminating or reducing the evil. It is very important to be educated to walk with the changing world in today’s modern times. This is the process of learning which has brought this world to the new heights of development today. But I am sorry to say Even today there are many areas in the world that people are facing lack of this basic human needs. Today, in this article, I am going to write a list of some countries with the lowest literacy rate.

Now let me take you to the list of top 10 countries with the lowest literacy rate and let’s come together to see why the literacy rate is too low in that countries and how much they have suffered from illiteracy?

Top 10 countries with the lowest literacy rate

10. Guinea

This African nation can be found in the Atlantic shore of West Africa. Approximately 41 percent of its population is literate. The majority of individuals are below the poverty level. Only 52 percent of older people are literate. Being an economically unstable country, The education system is undeveloped and many children are deprived of basic education. People are unable to take uniforms and books for their children because of poverty. Due to its poor governance system, worst corruption and ignorance of people, Guinea is far behind today’s developed world. With the ratio of 59% illiteracy, Guinea is at No. 10 in the list of Top 10 countries with the lowest literacy rate.

9. Benin

This West African country has just 38.4 percent literacy rate. This nation is ripped by warfare and due to the unstable political situation, Benin has failed to focus on improving its education system. The major reason for the lowest literacy rate is their poverty, people are unable to provide a uniform and books to their children. The corrupt political system is also a major problem of Benin, no government has seriously taken any step to reform the educational system and to make people easy to get the basic education. Due to the lack of educational facilities, institutions are overcrowded. Some areas of rural Benin are still without primary education institutes. With regret, We included  Benin at No. 9 in the list of Top 10 countries with the lowest literacy rate because 51.6% people are illiterate in the country.

8. Afghanistan

The country from South Asia, Afghanistan, is also in this list of countries with the lowest literacy rate. Afghanistan has a poor literacy rate of 38.2%. After the American invasion of Afghanistan, USA took some radical steps to promote basic education in Afghanistan, particularly in rural areas. The major reasons are the continuous warfare in Afghanistan from the last 4 decades and the failure and instability of the political governments.

7. Ethiopia

This poor African country, Ethiopia, must be discussed when we talk about the countries with the lowest literacy rate. The literacy rate is 36.82% in Ethiopia and this is shameful and horrible. The government has failed to provide an easy and affordable education system. The monopoly of private educational institutions is also a big reason. These private institutions are operated as a business, not as educational institutes. Due to their expensive educational programs, people of a particular class can get benefit from it. The political system is very corrupt in Ethiopia and the government does not show much interest to improve the education system.

6. Chad

The 5th largest country in Africa, Chad, even today, is deprived of a better and developed educational system. With the 33% literacy rate, Chad is one of the countries with the lowest literacy rate in the world. The 90% of its population is under the poverty line and has no interest in education. With a complicated mindset, Parents are willingly sending their children to labor instead of sending them to schools. The government has failed to initiate some reasonable steps in the educational system. Chad is also in the list of countries with the worst form of child labor. only 39% of children aged 5 to 14 are going to schools and 53% of children are forced to labor.

5. Somalia

I am very sorry to write that the next country in this list of top 10 countries with the lowest literacy rate is also from Africa. Somalia, the African most homogeneous country, has a literacy rate of only 32.53%. The major reasons for such worst literacy rate are poverty, civil war, scattered population, bad governance and corrupt political system. In rural areas, very poor educational infrastructure is the proof of government’s non-seriousness for the educational reforms.

4. Burkina Faso

Nearly 3/4 of this West African country with a population of 20 million is deprived of education. Burkina Faso is at No. 5 for its lowest literacy rate of 29.15% in this top 10 list. The horrible issue of Burkina Faso is that most of its adult population is illiterate so it is facing a big shortage of teachers. Secondary level education is costly at $50 per year and the average annual income of families is far below and they can’t afford such an expensive education.

3 Sierra Leone

If I say Africa is the most unlucky part of the world, it will not be wrong because in this modern world of 2018 it is still facing the lack of basic human needs one of which is education. I am very disheartened to write these lines because of the next country in this list of top 10 countries with the lowest literacy rate in Sierra Leone with 28% literacy rate, that is also from West Africa. Out of its 6 million population, more than 70% is illiterate. The reasons are poverty, warfare, injustice, bad governance and political corruption.

2. Mali

Another West African country, Mali, is also ranked as one of the countries with the worst literacy rate in the world. The eighth biggest country in South Africa, Mali, has the worst literacy rate of 27.61% even the education is free and compulsory for the children from 5 to 9 years aged. The main reason is the poverty and families are unable to afford the cost of uniforms, books and other fees. The country also facing a lack of educational infrastructure in rural areas.

1. The Gambia

This small country of 1.86 million people is also from West Africa. For the lowest literacy rate of 27%, The Gambia has been ranked as the top in the list of top 10 countries with the lowest literacy rate. Poor infrastructure and lack of resources are the main reasons that more than 70% of people are illiterate. Expensive primary education is also the issue. Due to the bad governance, the increasing inflation caused people to get away from education. In the Rural areas, there is a very poor condition of education.

Auther’s opinion:

As you see the above list, even today, people are deprived of their fundamental rights in this modern world. As a human being, this is very disappointed and the alarming moment especially for developed countries.  The people deprived of education attract evil. The main reason for the fastest growing terrorism in the world is the lack of education. If we spend only one-third of the money spent on war and terrorism, it can be overcome a lot. The African region and its most countries with the lowest literacy rate currently need urgent attention of the developed world.

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