Top 10 sports events with the highest prize money

Sports have a major role in human history. Sports play are very important for character building of human society. With sports, the humans are mentally, physically and spiritually well documented. The sports also have become a major source of employment today. Games are also a reliable source of income for players as well as many people around the world. Due to its growing popularity, many major investors and advertisers were attracted and found a form of a regular industry. In addition to winning in sports today, another competition is continuing and that is which sports event has the highest prize money than others. Here is a very brief introduction cum comparison of the Top 10 Sports with respect to their biggest Prize-Awarding events:

List of top 10 sports events with the highest prize money

10. ICC Cricket World Cup ($10.25 million)

Top 10 sports events with the highest prize money

The ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 gave away prizes worth $10.25 million. This is big money considering the sport is played only in a handful of countries, and therefore earnings from television cannot be as great. Nevertheless, this Cricket extravaganza attracts enough viewers, increasingly, for the event to raise its prize-pool every 4 years that it’s held. This trend is expected to continue in the 2019 World Cup.

Even so, the amount would still appear to be rather small, but because the teams are small in their number of participating members, so when divided each player receives a handsome total prize, especially when a number of bonuses are there for the taking. The winning team bags about $4 million which is a sizable purse for a small 15-man squad. ICC Cricket World is at No. 10 in the list of Top 10 sports events with the highest prize money.

9. Super Bowl ($11 million)

Super Bowl - Top 10 sports events with the highest prize money

NFL Super Bowl, with a give-away prize-bank of $11 million. Despite a huge income from advertisements of about $4 million, the winner of this tournament goes home with only the $11 million. However, the sharing of the collective pool-money among participating-teams is so well chalked out that it encourages competition among players and teams, as well as giving valuable support to small franchises who rely on the NFL. But this game is still can be found in the list of Top 10 sports events with the highest prize money at No.9.

8.  Dubai World Cup 2018 ($30 million)

Top 10 sports events with the highest prize money

The Dubai World Cup horse-race, with a total awarded prize-money of $30 million in which the winner takes a $10 million trophy. With this amount, The Dubai event is the world’s richest in prizes, although Pegasus in Florida US is a strong contender for this slot with its Grand Prize of $16 million this year in 2018. For now, though, Dubai holds its own with an overall $30 million in prizes, to secure 8th place in Top 10 sports events with the highest prize money list.

7. FedExCup Playoffs 2018 ($35 million)

FedExCup Playoffs 2018

It’s golf’s the PGA Tour championship that finally merges into the FedEx Playoffs, and this is how it’s been since 2007. At the end of the PGA Tour, 125 players move into the FedEx Playoffs, joined by another 100 players from Dell Technologies, and 70 more from the BMW championships.

In the very first playoffs, the total number is brought down to 30 who then shared the collective $35 million prize money, an increase of $3 million from the previous year. So, FedExCup Playoffs, One of the richest sports events in the world remains at 7th position in this list. The final winner lifts a total cheque amount of $10 million.

6. US Open 2018 ($53 million)

The richest sports events in the world 2018

The US Open tennis tournament, with cash prizes amounting to $53 million in 2018 which beats Wimbledon Open’s cash-awards by over $8 million. In 2017, Rafael Nadal (men’s champion) and Sloane Stephens (women’s champion), both bagged a purse-amount of $3.7 million each of prize-money. Furthermore, in recent years there’s been a huge increase in this prize pool-bank every year (something like 9% in 2017) and Us Open successfully made its 6th position in the list of Top 10 sports events with the highest prize money.

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5. World Series of Poker 2018 ($74 million)

World Series of Poker 2018

Here at the NO. 5, World Series of Poker, with a mind-boggling total of $74 million in prizes. This is an astounding sum, considering the comparatively small amount of television/commercial coverage gained by the series. The winner in 2018, John Cynn, was crowned with a massive $8.80 in cash-award.

4. FIFA World Cup 2018 ($400 million)

FIFA World Cup 2018

The football, or soccer’s FIFA World Cup 2018 which was a dazzling display of drama and excitement, giving away a generous $400 million in prize-awards. A sports event “watched and liked by everyone” on the Globe, it creates a buzz each time it comes round every 4 years since 1930, with only a break or two in between. And, therefore, the 2018 prize money saw an increase of $42 million from the previous events.

3. UEFA Europa League 2017/18 ($469 million)

The richest sports events in the world

UEFA Europa League 2017/18, in which teams walked away with a total of $469 million in prize-money. This is a tournament that gives ranking authenticity to European clubs every year, and so the league is a most talked about one among football fans and in media because its clamor is heard throughout the year, attracting players to clubs of Europe from around the world.

The 2018/19 season is expected to raise the awarded prize-money by $200 million, an indicator of the event’s importance and popularity among football circles. UEFA’s Prize-bank includes fixed payments as well as media rights which bring in staggering revenue for the participants. Atletico Madrid was able to secure $18 million as winners of the League, plus bumper income from TV rights. This event is at No. 3 in the list of Top 10 sports events with the highest prize money.

2. Formula one 2017 ($919 million)

Highest prize money sports events in the world

Formula One 2017, distributing a huge amount in prize-awards totaling $919 million. In fact, this is a fall from the previous year’s total by 1%. And this is a surprise, considering the widespread publicity of its sport-events.

This prize money of  $919 million is shared among Formula 1’s top 10 teams, and the figure is 68% of the total profits. The distribution method is a secret one thus creating a lot of curiosity in lovers of speed-car racing and racing-teams, themselves. The formula was developed by Bernie Ecclestone, a former CEO.

1. UEFA Champions League 2017/18 ($1.52 billion)

UEFA Champions League

UEFA Champions League 2017/18. This football championship had a total pool-bank of $1.52 billion in purse-money, a $5 million increase on the previous year. The championship brings together football’s top 32 clubs for head to head encounters that last 9 months that maintain thrills among lovers of the sport.

Although the distributing formula isn’t any secret, it is somewhat difficult to grasp unless one is a fanatic of the game. In simple terms, 60% of the prize money to be distributed is fixed, plus a variable 40% of the total possible pool-money.

Income from television coverage does matter, and it’s distributed in proportion to the club-sourced that generated it. Therefore, the 2017/18 winners, Real Madrid, took home $97 million, but the runners-up, Liverpool weren’t far behind with a purse of $91.7 million due to their large share of TV earnings.

Top 10 richest sports events in the world

So there you have the top 10 list, with eyes set on next years toppers in sports events across the Globe which are sure to affirm the above trends

Sr. No. Sports Event Prize Money
10 ICC Cricket World Cup $10.25 million
9 Super Bowl $11 million
8 Dubai World Cup 2018 $30 million
7 FedExCup Playoffs 2018 $35 million
6 US Open 2018 $53 million
5 World Series of Poker 2018 $74 million
4 FIFA World Cup 2018 $400 million
3 UEFA Europa League 2017/18 $469 million
2 Formula one 2017 $919 million
1 UEFA Champions League 2017/18 $1.52 billion

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