Top 10 most Beautiful cities to visit

The world is full of beautiful places to watch and visit. We are very lucky for being the part of beautiful planet Earth. Out of many wonderful cities and cities around us, some have got the attention of tourists. Here is my article, I am going to review the topmost beautiful cites around the world. This list of the world’s top 10 most beautiful cities to visit is research-based.

List of top 10 most beautiful cities to visit


VENICE - top 10 most beautiful cities to visit

Venice is known to be the world’s beautiful city having only waterways. In the history of the world this a beautiful city from ancient times. Basically, VENICE is the city of northern Italy and the capital city of Veneto region. The VENICE city is a group of 118 small islands which all are playing a great role in the beauty of VENICE and these islands haven’t any roads to link but yes, of course, small bridges. VENICE also called the city of water. The total population of Venice is over 2.5 Lac. People are feeling very graceful when they see the Venice Italy, and Italians always said they are very lucky to have the beauty of Italy (VENICE). So if you are planning a tour to see the natural beauty around the world, Venice is one of the top 10 most beautiful cities to visit.


SYDNEY - Top 10 most beautiful cities to visit

SYDNEY is one of the beautiful cities in the world. Tourists are always very excited about Sydney because there are many destinations for them. The weather in Sydney is always awesome. Here are many places for sports and adventure. Museums and art galleries are very famous here. The actual beauty of Sydney is its beach which is well-known in Australia. The port of Sydney is the busiest port in the world. Aquariums and water world of Sydney it might make you happy. Here is also a variety of shopping areas and malls where you can buy anything. The horse race is also very famous in Sydney. If you are in Australia then don’t forget to go to Sydney. In our research-based list of top 10 beautiful cities to visit, Sydney is at number 2.


WELLINGTON - top 10 most beautiful cities to visit

WELLINGTON has the highest peak of beauty in the word. The city which is the capital of New Zealand. Which is located on near the North Island’s cook point. Wellington is the second most populated urban area in the New Zealand, with the population of 412,500. This city has many features like Wellington is also called wind city because the climate of Wellington is always feeling a pleasure and windy. This has man architectural sites like the government building, 5-star hotels, 7-star hotels, big cinemas, live theatre etc. in Wellington you may see many cultural organizations. The beach of Wellington is the most beautiful beach in New Zealand, and the airport is the busiest airport in the country. For you and your family wellington is the right choice to visit and joy.


KYOTO - most beautiful cities to visit

KYOTO is the capital of Japan. This is located on the island of Honshu. KYOTO is world famous for many classical places but the Buddhist temples are the real beauty of this city. The weather is cold and with humidity in KYOTO. Here you also have the different birds and their beautiful voices. The people of KYOTO are very religious. The population of the city is about 1.512 million (2018). Many natural points of a visit are being here like Nijo castle, Ginjaku-Ji (enduring Zen temple with scenic garden), Gion (theatre & shrine), Arashiyama (site with monkeys & forest), KYOTO imperial palace (farmer residence of imperial family). Here you also have the 3 and 5 stars hotel for your luxury. We included Kyoto also here in the list of top 10 most beautiful cities to visit.


GENEVA - top 10 most beautiful cities to visit

You may hear or know the country Switzerland. No doubt that this country has the natural beauty in the bulk. Geneva is the second most populated (200,800) city in Switzerland, with awesome weather, winter snowfall and summer not too hot. While the Geneva is surrounded by three mountains Jura, gauche, and salve. Which all give the definite shape of beauty. The tourism system is also on the highest rank in Switzerland. The public parks are very beautiful and famous. Here is also many sites to visit like architectural and religious buildings. The other feature of Geneva is that here almost 12 communities live together. Geneva is on the rank of 15th financial center in the world also. This is also a global city with a variety of different international organization. Public parks, Amusements Park, theatre, cinemas, hotels, sports areas and many more points will attract you here. if you are looking for a list of top 10 beautiful cities to visit, you will find Geneva also there.


SINGAPORE - most beautiful cities in the world

Singapore is world famous for the three features. The city, the country, and the island. This is an only city island country in the world. Which is located on just beside the southern tip of Peninsular Malaysia. In South Asia, this is a highly well-developed country and one of the strongest economies in the world. Singapore is very low in crime. The city island country island is also very famous for cleanness, metropolis system, national park, city garden and tropical greenery plains. The country has also a world’s best airline the Singapore Airline. The weather of here is very pleasant and rainforest climate. In Singapore, you never have to work hard to see visiting points because Singapore is full of beauty beats. It has many points for tourists (swimming pools, butterfly garden, shopping malls, cinemas and yes plenty of museums) etc. To visit Singapore the best time is new-year. You must highlight this city for your next trip while you are surfing this list of top 10 most beautiful cities to visit.


VICTORIA - Most beautiful city in the world

Another capital here we are telling you which has a combo-pack attraction of visitors. Victoria is the capital of British Columbia Canada. Which is located on the southern tip of Vancouver Island. This city is the 7th most populated city in Canada. Victoria is an attractive city and famous for tourism destiny. Victoria has the wide shoreline for boaters and pleasant beach. This city has the perfect weather route, means a cool mild & rainy winter and a sunny shiny summer. In Canada, tourists are very passionate about Victoria. Yearly right about 3.4 million tourists come here with ship cruises, and local tourists are more than 500,000 visits Victoria. For foody tourists, this is the perfect area where they can have the variety of food. Here are also hundreds of nightclubs, many hotels, pubs, and many more. Victoria is one of the top 10 most beautiful cities to visit.


LONDON - Beauty

This is another world’s most beautiful and attractive piece. London an independent state of U.K which can be included as a city and a country also. London is a wide and simple city. Where local peoples are living in peace. While this also the center of U.K tourism. The city is covered with a defensive wall which is known as London wall which is the most popular visiting point in London. This city also a welcome sign which completely recognizes us that this is the starting of London city. In London, there is also a borderline between Westminster where a dragon statue is showing the mark between both cities, which is also attract visitors. London is full joy-land for tourists it has many churches, public parks, hose race areas, stadium, gardens, historical building and many more visitors can go make their self-excited and happy.


SAN DIEGO - Top 10 beautiful cities to visit

The city of USA which has no limit of beauty. This is very attractive for local people and tourists. Many people just come to U.S.A to see SAN DIEGO city. It is located on the Pacific coast of California. SANDIEGO is known for its wide beaches, amusements parks, and public gardens and for a warm climate. The zoo of SANDIEGO is also world famous in the U.S.A. Many art galleries, museums, and studios are also visiting the center for visitors. Here is also a wide range of restaurants where tourists may have their food of choice, and yes the hotels of SANDIEGO are very unique and architectural buildings which all may make you wonder. For tourists, a week may not enough to see the city SANDIEGO. This is One of the 10 most beautiful cities to visit indeed.

10. DUBAI (U.A.E)

Dubai - top 10 beautiful cities

At number 10 in the list of top 10 most beautiful cities to visit, DUBAI, the city of lights. Which is very famous for its luxury of modern technology. This has an ultra-modern architectural site, which all can make you very excited to see. The weather of DUBAI is warmer than other cities which I brief before. But yes this city has its own class. Many air-companies may give you packages to visit DUBAI because this city is a variety of visiting places. Palm Jumeirah and Burj-ul-Khalifa are famous in the whole world. The hotels are just awesome, nightclubs, DUBAI beach, mosques, shopping malls, animation HD theaters are enough to make you joyful and happy there.

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