10 best cat breeds in the world Pet lovers must know about

Animals have been an important part of our society since inception. They have always played a vital role in the survival of humans and maintaining their existence in this universe. Many of them even become part of our lives as a key member of our family as pets. Cats, dogs and some birds are some of the most popular pets. But today, we are going to talk about the cutest yet smart pet, cats. Cats are considered a bit dramatic always seeking for owner’s attention but that’s what makes them the most lovable pet, their nature of being along all the time.

If you’re a cat lover and want to know which one to adopt, we have got a list of 10 best cat breeds in the world. There are plenty of cat breeds you can choose from and we are going to guide you about that. But let’s discuss some basic information about cats before getting down to the specifics.

Scientific name: Felis Catus
Cat Lifespan: 2 years to 16 years
Pregnancy Period: 58 to 67 days
weight: 3.6 to 4.5 (Adult)
Daily sleep: 12 to 16 hrs

Now let’s take a look at 10 best cat breeds in the world.

Top 10 best cat breeds of 2019

10. American Shorthair Cat Breed

top 10 cat breeds

This cutest cat breed is abbreviated as ASH (American Short Hair cats)and it originally belongs to Europe. This breed has a strong body with round face and short ears. American Shorthair cats were brought to America when Americans were tired of mice attacks on food stocks. This cat breed was declared 7th most popular one in America in 2012. In the early days, these cats faced adjustment difficulties in the new US environment. But, eventually, they adjusted in this environment as everyone else does.

At the beginning of the 20th century, due to the outstanding performance against rats, Americans launched a special breeding program for these cats to develop some special qualities. This cat breed was declared as a strong working cat by the Cat Fanciers’ Association. These cats usually need low maintenance and are very affectionate with owners while adjustable with strangers.

It is also liked by Americans due to its beautiful colors and almost eighty patterns such as brown patched, blue-eyed and shaded smoke and sliver. Their sharpness and intellect is another attention grabbing feature and they are quick at hunting moths and insects.

9. Russian Blue Cat Breed

Top 10 cat breeds

Very close to their owners, the Russian cats are another one of the top cat breeds. This breed comes with a variety of colors from light silver to dark grey. Due to their humble and innocent personalities, these cats are liked as pets. More of, due to their short dense coat, the Russian cats are known as the best cat breed for more than a century. This natural cat breed is also known as Archangel Blues because its basic origin is Arkhangelsk in Russia.
In the 1860s, this breed was entered to Northern Europe and Britain through sailors who took Russian blue cats with them from the Archangel Isles.

Due to their bright green eye color, pink paws, a blue-grey insulation coat and two layers of thick fur, this cat breed has gained worldwide recognition and fan following. Their abilities to play and follow commands predict their intellect and they are remarkably friendly to humans.

8. British Shorthair Cat Breed

top 10 cat breeds

With the beautiful British blue color, this cat breed is an advanced form of traditional British cat. The British Shorthair cats have a strong body with broad face, copper eyes and a dense coat of fur. This breed also has a wide variety of different colors such as blue, white red, green, yellow and silver and different patterns. The origin of these cats is probably Europe and they came to Britain through the Roman invaders in the first century AD.

United Kingdom’s Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF) has registered this breed due to its special characteristics. This cat is not very active and playful but due to its humble and sweet nature, it is a perfect cat to keep as a pet.

7. Scottish Fold

Top 10 cat breeds

The cat has its specific name due to the foldable ears. Scottish fold has distinguished characteristics such as folding its ear inwards, moving like a frog, sitting up on bed and sofas and other furniture, laying down with paws up etc. It also produces some crispy voices in different situations.

This cat breed is originally known as lop or lop-eared before its name was suggested as Scottish fold in 1966. In 1961, the cat, Susie, was founded near a farm in Perthshire, Scotland with folded ears and her face was looked like an owl. Susie gave birth to 2 children, one of them was taken by William Ross, a farmer, who named this kitten as Scottish fold and registered this breed with the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF).

Unfortunately, GCCF withdrew this Scottish fold cat breed because Europeans did not accept it due to some genetic problems in limbs and tail. Initially, this breed suffered from infections, mites and ear problem but after it was exported to America, it was treated and became famous with American and Britain Short Hair cats. After covering up all the problems, now the Scottish Fold is known as one of the best cat breeds in the world.

6. Ragdoll Cat Breed

top 10 cat breeds

With a muscular body, beautiful blue and semi-longhair, the Ragdoll is also the most liked cat breed. In the 1960s, Ann Baker, the American breeder, developed this cat breed. Ragdoll breed is equally popular in USA and United Kingdom. This breed is also called dog-like-cats or puppy cats. This breed is quite popular among people who love pets because of their friendly and easy to handle nature.

This breed is one of the largest domestic cat breeds. Ragdoll has different beautiful colors and patterns like red, chocolate, silver, blue and cream. However, it has a genetic problem of a common heart disease Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM). In this disease, the heart walls become thickens and the heart pump becomes less efficient which may cause sudden death.

5. American Wirehair Cat Breed

top 10 cat breeds

A domestic cat breeds American Wirehair originally from New York. It is also ranked in the rarest cat breeds list of CFA. This is a mutation of American Shorthair cat breed. It shares many characteristics with American Shorthair. This cat breed was first seen in a state of New York in 1966. American Wirehair was registered by CFA in 1978.

With small good looking ears, high cheekbones, round head and bright eyes American Wirehair is a beautiful cat to adopt as a pet. It needs a rare bath and you won’t need to comb this cat, because if you do, you may lose all the hairs from its body. This innocent and good looking cat may be the perfect choice to keep it as a pet.

4. Bombay Cat Breed

top 10 cat breed

Similar to shorthair, Bombay cats are the crossbreed of American shorthair and Burmese breed. Belongs to Asian cat group, these black cats have given a name of Bombay cats due to a thick black coat. A breeder from Kentucky, Nikki Horner was the developer of Bombay cat breed but he failed in his first breeding attempt in 1958.

The breed was successfully developed in 1965 in his second attempt and registered by CFA in 1970 as a best domestic cat breed. With copper green eyes, Bombay cats are fully black cats. Because of their highly friendly behavior, these cats are highly recommended pet for children. Well, these cats dislike living alone but are very playful, attention seekers and intelligent.

3. Birman Cat Breed

Top 10 best cat breeds

With long hairs and a colored silky coat, Birman breed is declared as a best domestic cat breed because of its fame among pet lovers. Sacred Cat of Burma, another name of Birman cats, is originally from Burma (Myanmar) and was firstly found in France in 1925. In 2nd World War, this breed was almost destroyed. When the war ended, only 2 cats were found alive in Europe.

Then, the Cat Club de France, heavily crossbreed this pair with American Shorthair to reproduce Birman breed. Birman breed was also used to produce other new breeds such as Ragdoll. With a rectangular body with a broad face and a nose like Romans, this is a beautiful cat breed, a perfect partner to photobomb.

2. Persian Cat Breed

to 10 cat breeds

In English speaking countries, this cat breed is also known as Persian Longhair. However, in the Middle East, this is known as an Iranian cat. This cat is originally from Iran where it is called Shirazi cat. In 1620, this Persian cat was brought to Italy from Iran and after the breed was widely developed in Italy and France, it was imported to Europe.

In the 1870s, this breed was first introduced in England and then it was brought to America in earlier 1900s. It was awarded as a 2nd most popular cat breed in America in 2015. This is known as the oldest domestic cat breed due to its friendly behavior and caring attitude.

1. Munchkin Cat Breed

top 10 cat breeds

As we are going to close our list of top 10 best cat breeds, let us introduce the world’s top cat breed Munchkin. This cat breed often called Sausage Cat is also liked due to very short legs. This breed is very similar to other cats except for short legs. In 1991, Munchkin cat was first introduced in a cat TV show.

This breed is highly appreciated due to their special characteristics such as their intelligence, playful and friendly nature, and naughty tricks and easy to handle behavior. Due to their short legs, these cats might not be able to jump like others but they are good at running. This breed comes with different beautiful colors and patterns like white with chocolate, white with blue or green patterns etc. Go and buy the best cat breed in the world now.

Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

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