Top 10 milk producing countries in the world

Milk is a nutritious liquid diet and recognized to be used by human beings for thousands of years. Its consumption had most likely begun by getting milk from the cow. These days, milk is processed earlier than packaging to make sure that dangerous microorganism within the milk is killed. Aside from being standard as a beverage, cows’ milk is used to make a lot of merchandise together with cheese, cream, butter, yogurt, liquid milk, ice cream, whey protein, and lots of extras. Here we are trying to manage a list of Top 10 milk producing countries in the world.

In cow milk’s un-boiled form, greater than 87 percent of its chemical composition is water, whereas the opposite 13% consists of such dietary as butterfat, whey and casein proteins, lactose, and ash (nutritional vitamins and minerals).

top 10 milk producing countries in the world

10. New Zealand – 41.67 billion ltr

The island nation New Zealand has roughly five million cows for dairy, and the common herd dimension is rising steadily. Nearly all of the dairy farms are positioned within the North Island. The nation primarily exports milk producing merchandise like milk powder, butter, cheese, and cream to different international locations the world over.

A few of these international locations are Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Yemen, the United Arab Emirates, Bangladesh, Thailand, Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea. New Zealand is making aware efforts to make use of new know-how and environment-friendly use of assets to enhance its dairy farm sector in the wake of impending climatic modifications. So New Zealand is at number 10 in our list of top 10 milk producing countries in the world.

9. UK – 47.64 billion ltr

In the UK, milk production has been a well-organized observe for ages, and right this moment dairy cows there are bred particularly to provide milk in giant portions. The nation is the 9th topmost producer of milk worldwide, and the third largest one within the European Union, falling behind solely Germany and France. Nonetheless, the massive concern is that the numbers of dairy cows are lowering at a gentle price in the UK, and there was a 61 p.c discount within the variety of registered dairy producers inside its borders.

8. Turkey – 51.79 billion ltr

Milk farming is well managed in Turkey than in a lot of the remainder of the world. Turkish milk production has witnessed a lift in the previous few years. An enhancement in milk production and the variety of cows is the key contributor to this regular rise in manufacturing.

The main cows’ milk manufacturing facilities in Turkey are in and round throughout the country. The nation primarily exports milk to the European Union, although the Turkish authorities have taken a number of steps to spice up the demand for cow’s milk within the home market as nicely. So we suggest the 8th position in our list of top 10 milk producing countries in the world.

7. Germany: 58.79 billion ltr

With greater than 400 thousands dairy cows, Germany is on the high of the milk producers within the European Union, and the 7th globally. There’s a massive distinction in herd sizes within the nation. Japanese and Western Germany alike account for important proportions of the German cows’ milk manufacturing. Nevertheless, a few of the challenges confronted by German dairy farmers are growing land costs and a deficit of certified laborers.

6. Brazil: 61.12 billion ltr

Regardless of being a big internet importer of dairy merchandise previously, the nation has developed into one of many high cows’ milk producing nations. Elevated assist from the Brazilian Authorities and low manufacturing prices are among the key causes behind this enhance in manufacturing.

The dairy production in Brazil has well-established relations with India, because of their pure-breed ‘Gir’ cows which belong to Gujarat, India, and these are well-known for producing massive portions of milk. The cows’ milk manufacturing offers employment to almost a million folks in Brazil. Thus, the dairy sector is kind of necessary to its financial system as an entire. Brazil is at 6th position on our list of top 10 milk producing countries in the world.

5. France: 67.53 billion ltr

The milk production business is of immense significance in France, with greater than 70 thousand dairy farms that are producing a huge quantity of milk. It’s second-largest milk producing country in Europe, second solely to its neighbor country Germany. It has greater than  3600 thousand dairy cows and all kinds of cows’ milk processing amenities. Many of the produced milk is transformed into milk merchandise like cheese and milk powder. France primarily exports the components of its milk merchandise not consumed domestically in Italy and Germany. France stands 5th in top 10 milk producing countries in the world.

4. Russia: 71.42 billion ltr

Regardless of the continued utilization of conventional dairy know-how and the lower within the variety of cows, Russia nonetheless holds the 4th place in world cows’ milk manufacturing. The milk manufacturing has remained steady over the previous few years. Moscow has emerged as the primary consuming area for cows’ milk within the nation for all of those years. At present, the nation is investing considerably in creating higher yielding breeds. Russian buyers’ are additionally investing to construct the most important dairy farm in China to satisfy its growing home demand for cows’ milk.

3. China: 79.62 billion ltr

The Asian nation is a world chief by way of cows’ milk production, sitting on the quantity 3rd place. It exports its milk solely to a couple of Asian international locations. The nation is now closely investing in constructing a 1 lac cow dairy farms through which it exports milk to Russia, as Russia has determined to largely cease its milk imports from the international locations of the European Union. In line with speculations, the Chinese language farm is 3 times larger than the biggest dairy farm in the United States of America.

2. India: 133.6 billion ltr

When it comes to milk manufacturing from all mammalian species, India leads the best way, bolstered by its buffalo milk producers. In cows’ milk alone, nevertheless, it’s second to the USA. The milk manufacturing in India had elevated considerably within the 2013-14 season. Immediately, India contributes a whopping 9.5% of the worldwide cows’ milk manufacturing.

Meticulous planning and a scientific method have performed a significant position in this elevated milk manufacturing. An approximate 80% of the manufacturing comes from an unorganized sector of small farmers. The nation has greater than 1.3 lac dairy cooperative societies on the village stage.

Uttar Pradesh, adopted by Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, and Punjab, are the most important milk producing states in India. The nation can be the most important milk client. It exports milk to its neighboring nations, such as Pakistan, Bangladesh, UAE, Nepal, Bhutan, and Afghanistan.

1. USA: 192.51 billion ltr

Though the cows’ milk manufacturing has elevated by 1.76 liters per cow, the nation is at quantity two globally by way of all milk, however primary in cows’ milk manufacturing, as in India a good portion of milk manufacturing gets from buffaloes. The American states California, Wisconsin, Idaho, New York, and Pennsylvania are the foremost states producing cows’ milk in America of America.

Lots of the bigger dairy farms in the US have greater than 15,000 cows every. Nevertheless, many small farms with lower than 30 cows every additionally contribute considerably to the general cows’ milk manufacturing. Moreover a large home demand for cheese, milk, and different dairy merchandise, the nation additionally exports its cow milk and its milk merchandise in giant portions to a lot of different international locations all around the globe as properly. A few of these are Mexico, Saudi Arabia, a number of in Southeast Asia, Canada, Taiwan, and China. So the USA is at the top position in the list of top 10 milk producing countries in the world.

Top 10 milk producing countries in the world:

 Worldwide Rank  Country  Production ( Billion liters)
 1  USA 192.51
 2  India  133.6
 3 China  79.62
 4  Russia  71.42
 5 France  67.53
 6 Brazil  61.12
 7  Germany  58.79
 8 Turkey 51.79
 9 UK  47.64
10 New Zealand 41.67


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