World’s 10 Most Powerful Intelligence Agencies

Intelligence agencies are the primary protection organizations in opposition to potential internal and external threats of any state. They’re tasked with gathering intelligence, conducting numerous types of espionage, advising the Federal Government with regards to national security issues, spreading faux data, and, within the case of some companies, even finishing up assassinations. However, some Intelligence Agencies are bigger than others in potential. The ones listed here are the 10 most powerful Intelligence Agencies in the world.

World’s powerful intelligence agencies

1. ISI, Inter-Services intelligence, (Pakistan)

10 most powerful intelligence agencies

Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) is one of the most powerful Intelligence Agencies in the world. It was established in 1948. Its main responsibility is to maintain peace and establish internal security measures of the country. ISI performs its functions with the collaboration of the Intelligence Department and mainly assisted by Military Intelligence.

Today, it’s a most important function is to carry out War against Terrorism, and keep their country secured by any threat. They have also manipulated other top Intelligence agencies in the world for their own national interest. The vigilance and professionalism of ISI make it the most powerful intelligence agency of the world.

2. CIA, Central Intelligence agency – United States

CIA - 10 most powerful intelligence agencies in the world

The United States Intelligence Community is known as the Federation which is the combination of different 16 United States government agencies, which primarily deal with International affairs and Internal Security stability. CIA was established on July 26, 1947, and the annual budget of the agency is about $16 billion. It is also considered one of the best Secret Service Agencies in the world because of its extraordinary services for the US.

3. FSB, Federal Security Bureau of Russian Federation – Russia

FSB - 10 best intelligence agencies in the world

The Federal Security Service (FSB) of the Russian Federation is known as the principal security agency of Russia, because of its key role in National Security. The Headquarter of this most powerful intelligence agency is situated in Lubyanka Square, Moscow, Russia. Its main functions include Counter-Intelligence Operations, Counter Terrorism, Border security and overseeing Internal Security and stability.

4. MI6, Military Intelligence Section 6 – United Kingdom

MI6 - Top 10 most powerful intelligence agencies

The Headquarter of this Secret Agency is situated in Secret Intelligence service (SIS) Directorate London, England, United Kingdom. According to disclosed reports, it has the yearly budget of about £2.8 billion. Due to its extraordinary performance, it is placed at 4th position in the list of most powerful Intelligence Agencies in the world. It has been achieved remarkable goals at internal as well as an external level of security.

 5. DGSE, Direction Generale De La Securite Exterieure – France

Most powerful agencies in the world 2018

Direction Generale De La SecuriteExterieure (DGSE) is known as the external security Intelligence Agency of France. Due to its phenomenal achievements, it is considered one of the most powerful intelligence agencies in the world and secures the 5th position in our list. The annual budget of DGSE is about US$731,807,192.51 and the headquarter of DGSE is situated at 141 Boulevard Mortier, Paris XX, France.

6. RAW, Research and Analysis Wing – India

RAW - 10 powerful agencies in the world

The Headquarter of RAW is situated in New Delhi and the current chief of Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) is Anil Dhasmana. The primary foreign Intelligence Agency of India RAW was established in 1968. Rajinder Khanna from the Research and Analysis Service 1978-batch has directed the Intelligence Agency after failures of their intelligence in Indo Pakistan wars. The main purpose of RAW is to deter threats and to keep peace at the national level, control Counter-Attacks, Economic and Scientific development and check foreign affairs.

7. BND – Bundesnachrichtendienst – German

BND - 10 most powerful intelligence agencies in the world

The Federal Intelligence Service of Germany is one of the best Intelligence Agencies in the world. It is directly subordinated to the Chancellor’s Office. The Headquarters of this agency is situated in Pullach and Berlin. According to the survey, the total budget of this foreign secret service for 2018 was the € 832,870,000. Peter Altmaier, a Federal Minister of Special Affairs is responsible for the actions of the agency whose main purpose is to control Illegal Border Crossing, Smuggling, Money Laundering and Illegal Migration.

8. MSS – Ministry of State Security – China


The Intelligence Agency of the People’s Republic of China is one of the significant agencies in the world due to its high performance and capabilities for providing peace, at both internal and external level. It was established in 1983 under the direction of Ling Yun. The Secret Agency of China has done great work to point out the terrorist activities in the regions of the Taiwan, Macau and Hong Kong. Political stability deals with Foreign Affairs and to deter and prevent Counter Attacks are the main responsibility of this agency. The annual budget of MSS- China intelligence agency is about $3 billion to $4 billion.

9. Mossad – The Institute for Intelligence and Special Operation


It was established on December 13, 1949 on the recommendation of Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion. The agency was headed by ReuvenShiloah after its creation in 1949 to 1953. Mossad is the Intelligence agency of Israel which is the most significant Agency in the world due to its welfare work into the country.

10. ASIS –  Australian Secret Intelligence Service


The Headquarter of this agency is situated in Canberra, the capital of Australia. Australian Secret Intelligence Service (ASIS) was established on May 13, 1952. The purpose of its formation is to protect the country from foreign as well as internal threats, and terrorist attacks. According to the reports, State Agency is run with the budget of $468.5 million while this is comparable with the British Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) and the American Central Intelligence Agency.

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