Most amazing types of trees

Want to know about some amazing types of trees on the earth? They are the tallest living things on Earth, and they are also amazingly diverse. Trees help us to breathe. It’s true! The vast forests of the world are part of a system that removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. The plants then give out oxygen that we need to breathe. Here’s a list of some incredible and amazing species of individual trees from around the world.

World’s amazing types of trees


World's Most amazing types of trees

Located on the grounds of a church in Santa Maria del Tule, Mexico, this massive cypress is actually protected by international law. Scientists know that it is one of the largest trees in the world, measuring 9 metres across. They are not sure, however, how old is this one of the amazing types of trees!


BONSAI - weirdest tree types

While redwoods reach for the sky, bonsai reach for the heart. Bonsai is not the name of a tree, but the name of a tree-shaping art that turns living trees into tiny sculptures. Artists and gardeners carefully clip firs, pines, yew trees, and dozens of other species to form mysterious and flowing shapes.


Word's most amazing and weirdest trees

Growing only on the western mountains and coastal lands of the USA, these related species are the tallest tree species in the world. Redwoods can be taller, topping more than 115 meters. Sequoias are almost as tall but are wider. A protected sequoia called General Sherman is the largest living tree on the planet!


BANYAN TREES - Most amazing types of trees

So familiar in India, they are considered the country’s national tree. Banyans look like more than one tree at once. The trunks tangle together to form canopies that can stretch hundreds of meters across. Banyans are actually a member of the fig tree family that is considered one of the most amazing types of trees.


BRISTLECONE PINE - World amazing and weirdest tree

This species of tree might be the oldest living thing on Earth. Bristlecone grow only on high, windswept mountains. The Great Basin National Park in Nevada, USA, is home to one tree, known as Methuselah, that is more than 4,800 years old. These trees grow very slowly, which helps them to have long lives.


DRAGON BLOOD TREES - amazing tree types

They stand like opened umbrellas on the plains of Africa. These amazing types of trees get their name from what is inside, however. When cut, the trees “bleed” a thick, red resin that has been used as a dye for more than 2,000 years.



Bodhis are a type of fig that grows across southeast Asia. One particular bodhi tree, however, became world famous. Located in India and called Dharma Data, it was said that as the Buddha sat under this tree, he finally gained enlightenment. That particular tree is not there, but Buddhists are still inspired by bodhi trees.


RAINBOW EUCALYPTUS - amazing trees

Some flowering trees produce amazing colours, but this species of tall tree has colour in its bark. Native to the Philippines, rainbow eucalyptus can grow to more than 60 metres tall. The bark of these amazing types of trees can be striped with red, orange, and green patches.


BAOBAB - most amazing types of tree

Baobab trees look very strange. Few plants on earth are more unusual than these tall, bare, puffy-topped trees. There are actually nine different types of baobab trees and some of them have pretty special adaptations for their habitats.

The baobabs of Madagascar are the most famous type of this tree. They are bare for almost their entire height before popping out leafy branches at the top. Their small home is a popular place for people to visit and snap pictures.

An African species is known as the dead-rat tree, as people thought that the hanging fruit looked like dead rodents. They are also sometimes called monkey-bread trees, as monkeys sometimes eat the squishy fruit from these amazing types of trees.

Inside a Baobab

In South Africa, one baobab tree is so big that people can Stay inside it, A room and a tiny restaurant were built in and around the tree, located in a town called Modjadjiskloof.


TREE OF LIFE - World's most amazing types of trees

Talk about lonely. The Tree of Life sits in the middle of a vast desert in the Middle Eastern country of Bahrain. It’s a mesquite tree that is about 9 metres tall, but its location makes it amazing, It is the only thing of any size growing for more than a mile in any direction. It is so rare and unique that the United Nations includes it on a list of protected natural types of trees.

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